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Welcome to my blog about nothing, really.

I feel if I am going to blog, I should be in touch with who I am and what I am about too.  I feel it is important to know who I am now and since life has changed, I have changed a bit too.  I figured writing about it will get some thoughts out and allow me to see who I have become.

I have for years used the word esoteric as a word that describes me.   The word esoteric is defined as, “understood by or meant for only a few select few who have special knowledge or interest; belonging to a select few; or private, secret, confidential.” Esoteric is the very word that describes me and my life.  I remember being a kid on our boat in Catalina looking at the bigger boat moored in front of us summer after summer.  I never understood that word until I was older and boy, was it a right fit.  Having grown up in a male dominated family business, having raced cars and having chosen a male dominated field for a career, I sure lead a double life.  I enjoy being a girly girl and am just as comfortable being one of the guys.  I am a simple individual in so many ways, but also a complex one.

Like I said, I see myself as a simple yet complex individual.  Life sure has been very sweet to me as well as harsh a few times over.  I am sometimes serious yet other times love to laugh more than anything in the world.  I am shy yet rather loud.  I am calm yet dramatic.  I focus on the positive of life and hope that I can bring others positivity.

I am strong much of the time but sometimes feel weak or vulnerable.  I am happy much of the time but sometimes don’t know what my purpose is life is these days.   I am in a transition period now and trying to figure out what I am doing.   No matter how I feel, I be sure everyday to be 100% grateful for all I have, my health, my family and true friends and my job for all it’s given me.

I’m just an All-American girl who enjoys the simple things in life.  Laughter, passion, love, and friendship are the best things in life.  I look forward to the hot summertime weather, soaking up the rays, my flip flops, and some waterskiing on the lake.  I love being outdoors.  In the wintertime, I look forward to watching football on the couch by the fireplace.  I love to read and my books are my most precious collection.  I have enjoyed collecting books since finding you can buy them secondhand and cheap.   I wish I was more active outdoors and that plan has backfired thus far.  I want to be out and healthy and active almost daily.  That is a struggle but somehow I plan to conquer this.

I love food and good wine.  Food is my biggest passion.  I am a foodie for sure.  I always said I was a food addict.  I eat when I am happy, to celebrate, when I am sad, to feel better.  I eat for anything in between.  Food takes me back when my family was intact and holiday meals and nightly dinners were a part of my childhood.  Food takes me to meals with friends that are some of the most special times I have ever had.  Add wine into the mix, oh, fun times.

I enjoy being rebellious (not that I ever do) since the conservative side of me has me pretty serious much of the time.  In another life I would be a race car driver or a bestselling fiction author.

In this life, I like challenge, fighting my fears, and success.  Life is about being yourself, having inner peace, and enjoying the simple things in life.

I don’t want to run the world, but I wouldn’t mind taking it for a little ride.

I have learned a lot in the past few years.  It’s okay to be vulnerable for that is being strong.  I treat others as I wish to be treated.  I live and love with my whole heart.  I choose authenticity.  I own my imperfections.  I own my story.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Wow, Amazing. You can even write a good story on YOU! You certainly spelled out who you are & what you stand for although who knows you better you.

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