The Power of Self Discovery


Life is an endless process of self discovery.

I find it quite interesting in the times when we most find out about ourselves.  It almost comes as a surprise sometimes.

It did for me just yesterday.

Like the light of a sunrise starting to peek up over the horizon shining in your eyes.  There’s no avoiding the message and in a way, its just as warming as the sun.

It is a combination of revelation and reflection. Reflection and revelation.  We learn our truth.

Comforting, enlightening and revitalizing, you think?  Absolutely.

Like when something happens and we are taught who we really are deep down… and the whys too.

Usually it comes in a moment when you last expect something to happen and as it’s unfolding, you take notice of something eye-opening.

Sometimes it is painful or hard to accept the things we see within ourselves during self discovery, but it should bring empowerment knowing we can construct a new revised better self.

Yesterday I learned a few things about myself.

Did I know myself already? 

Of course I did.  But I saw myself down to the core in the vivid sunlight.

Was I surprised what was revealed?

Yes.  Yes, I was.

I guess I believe things happen to teach us about ourselves and for our very own self discovery.  With this self discovery comes awareness; an awareness of a deeper, more meaningful life.  Life’s experiences teach us purpose and potential lessons to carry on through our journey.

I think of us walking through life with our metal tool box in hand.  When we are born and raised, our parents are incapable of giving us all the tools we need to go through life.

Our tool box is missing something.

As we embark on our journey, we experience life in many different forms.  Traveling along on the road of life, we find, stop and pick up a tool every so often.  We grab it, reach over and drop it into the toolbox we are carrying.

And off we go.

Taking the tools we gather and applying them allows us to continue to work on ourselves to further experience, grow and live more full.

Self discovery and change allows us to illuminate the depths of our soul.  It allows us to become better people.  It allows us to fix the flaws we see.  It allows us desire to work harder.  It allows us to keep moving forward to become who we truly want to be.

After what I have realized, I am so excited about the new me I get to work towards.  Watch out world, here I come!

At the end of the day, when the sun set upon me, I think I learned that the journey of self discovery is one of life’s greatest adventures. sd2



One thought on “The Power of Self Discovery

  1. I’m all about self discovery and learning new things every day. That is easy (the learning part) if we read each other’s blogs. I am not a world traveler but live vicariously through my blog friends who are. I’m amazed at the things I don’t know.

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