Hope Anchors the Soul


While I think a lot, probably every waking hour of mine, I have realized recently there is one thing I have never put much thought into at all.

And probably one thing I didn’t have much of.  I also learned within the last few months (three times, one right after the other) how important this is to include this in our lives.

What is this thing?

It’s that thing called h-o-p-e.

I have learned over time how important it is to mold our subconscious thoughts just as we do with the positivity of our conscious thoughts.  It is the subconscious where the power lies in how we attract life.  Hope sees the invisible.

While I am a positive person and focus on gratitude and living, I haven’t had much hope ever.  I have been though some really hard times that were forced upon me. I accepted the reality – disappointments – being let down – that life is what it is. I just dealt with whatever it was I had to and kept moving forward. I just pressed on.

After being let down consistently, I think I now realize I gave up on hope.  Why have hope if we will just be let down if things do not happen as desired or in what we work for?  Why put ourselves through the extra grief if our ambitions and dreams do not play out? Why not just accept what is?

Hope was never a part of my equation.  Never needed to be with the mindset of it is what it is.  I learned to make the best of whatever my life existed as.  But back in November, I watched as something unfolded that made me realize I should have had hope.  I had given up long before I should have.

Lesson one in hope. Okay, I got it.  But it was lost again once the message carried on and faded through the weeks.

Fast forward to January.  One little moment while in Hawaii as we were walking down a lit path on a dark warm night. I felt something.  I did not know what it was at the time.  I now know it was a glimpse of hope felt all the way down to my soul.

In my lesson of weakness, where I let hope in, it changed my life. Hope was reintroduced through a tiny little miracle.

God gave me the message loud and clear that night. And that message is still loud and clear.  I received it this time.  Really received it.  Thank you God.

So, I have learned to never lose hope.  Ever.  Always hold on to it even if it’s just a single strand of thread.  Hold on for dear life.

If you don’t have hope or never thought about it before like me, think about it.

Find yours.

Never lose hope, you never know what tomorrow may bring.

It is a life game changer.

I promise you that.

Anchor your soul with all the hope you can gather.

Once you choose hope, anything is possible.shawshank

One thought on “Hope Anchors the Soul

  1. I’m not exactly sure what the light of hope is that you got, but I’m sure happy you got it. You are a ray of sunshine that always shines through. I was happy to read your post since there hasn’t been one in awhile. I know they inspire you as they do others so it was great to read. Btw, your quotes that you add are always excellent.

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