Looking Back and Looking Forward

It is said that we should never look back or be stuck in the past as the goal of life is to look forward and move forward.  Sometimes though we may live too much in the forward. How often do we think about what we have to do tomorrow, next week or next month?  How often do we dream of when we are retired or when we gain more success or awaiting our dreams to come true?

It is so refreshing to look back every now and then and realize how far we have come.  We see mistakes and life lessons.  We see pain and strength.  Every day we get the chance to grow a little more, to be a little better and to learn new things.

But what happens when we look a little too far ahead and before we know it, it’s full on overthinking things a little too much?

Me, overthink?  Ugh, yep. 

Maybe it is all about trying to control things a little too much.

Maybe it is all about just relaxing, having some faith and just letting life happen.

Seriously, how often do we do that if we are used to working hard, building success, busting out goals.  When you are a person with these mindsets, it’s not preached to just sit back, but I am here to say I realized this week is important to do so.

Continue doing what you are doing, just breathe, slow down the mind and focus on the now.  Be positive.  Have faith.  Believe.

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being positive what could go right.  What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives have not happened yet.

Enjoy the vibe, enjoy the now, live the life and you can feel the peace of it.  Do not overthink things and just live in the here and now. Things will work itself out over time and the crossroads of what path to take will be obvious.

So when the future creeps up a little too much, look back into the present and be right where you should be.



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