The World is Our Playground: Honor the Inner Child

imagesDid you forget (or maybe never knew) you have an inner child?

I did.

As an adult, life requires us to be so serious and responsible.



Taking care of family.

Sometimes there’s not enough hours in the day.  We want to incorporate fun into our lives, but how often do we do it?  With all the hustle and bustle, do we sometimes forget to have fun?

Sure. Does it sometimes get pushed off to the bottom of our to-do list?

I recently learned that we all have an inner child.  The child from the old days: our childhood.  We may have a more grown-up body but our inner child is always screaming to come out.  We grow up and forget that he/she is still in there.

Our inner child has a personality of its own.  And just because we are adults, doesn’t mean we don’t need to have fun.

I never consciously realized having fun was a must. As adults we do things for fun but never realized the concept and necessity.   Our inner children need to be nurtured.  Find what your definition of carefree, fun, easy times include and start doing these things.


It may be eating Lucky Charms (or your favorite childhood cereal) while coloring in one of those new adult coloring books which are a huge fad right now or it may be blowing giant bubbles in the backyard for your sake, not your children’s.  It may be flying a kite on the beach or a shopping cart race in Walmart.  Dance in the kitchen and let making dinner be placed on hold. Swing on a park swing, run through the sprinklers, jump in the rain puddles, or lay in the grass at night looking up at the stars.

Be a little irresponsible in the middle of your work day at your desk by rebelling for ten minutes and have your coffee or a snack when you know you should be working away.  In the middle of running errands, take a few minutes to throw in an ice cream or frozen yogurt field trip.  Sing your favorite childhood song while washing the dishes or taking a shower.

Add in whatever makes you giddy.

I’ve been saying this for years, but did not realize the true meaning of why.  Once I heard this life lesson, it all so made sense.

Aaah, my silly goofy side is my inner child.  I get it now!

Some nights ago, in the garage, while unpacking a box, I lay the bubble wrap contents on the floor.  I smirked as we began jumping on the bubbles popping them with our feet.  We laughed more than two kids probably would have.  Two adults jumping on bubble wrap.  What a sight.

Little did I understand at the time that was my inner child was coming out to play.  I had not heard this inner child message thing yet.  I just thought it was me being ridiculous as I’m known to be sometimes.

I like her, my inner child.

Never lose sense again of the wonder of being a child.  Allow yourself to find the activities that will allow your inner child to just be.  Explore like children would. Be silly and innocent.  Be the artist children are.  Be happy for no reason.

The child within us will allow us to honor ourselves completely and this will enrich our lives. Remember our natural state is pure joy.  The smallest pleasures will keep us young at heart. Use your beautiful imagination and exquisite humor.

Now that I realize I have sometimes neglected her, I am going to make more of an effort to honor her on all days that end in y.

How often do you fulfill your inner child?  The world is our playground so go play.243815d43d24b372fc549afb5a9bcf58


2 thoughts on “The World is Our Playground: Honor the Inner Child

  1. You mean like throwing things at your partner? Or putting condiments in your partner’s jacket pocket? Haha. I totally agree. Gotta have some fun and stay young. If only on the inside

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