Borrowed Time

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We are on borrowed time.

While we know it, we may not always live like we know it.

And sadly, sometimes, it takes an awakening to realize that we may not be living life to our full potential.

I thought I was?  Realized I wasn’t.

My plan on New Year’s Eve night just before midnight was to post the inspiring, motivating, uplifting words that swirled in my head for days prior.  It is the first year in my whole adult life that I have felt hopeful coming into a new year.

This is huge.

And there was something in the air because others around me were saying the same thing. This next yea felt something big. For a lot of people.

I had plans to sail into 2016 with.  And back to the blog, had hopes to share with someone reading it the aura of the light feeling of the new year and to hopefully give the same motivation to someone that was passed onto me.

Being at work and lucky enough for downtime, the keys on my laptop clicking away.

About one hour before midnight, while awaiting the clock to strike twelve, the soon-to-be loss of a life way too soon came to be news.  A man who did not get a fair chance at life and sitting next to me was this man’s beloved brother, and in that moment my whole mindset and coming into 2016 changed.

I realized my father was right. He has always said his senior year motto, “Time stops for no man,” and in this moment I realized life still went on, bad things still happened, there was no starting the new year celebrating and happy for everyone.

Time stops for no man. And we are on borrowed time.

NYE was no longer celebratory but instead reflective. And my heart hurt for everyone involved.  Watching the ball drop and the musicians singing in Times Square across the television, while it was still hopeful, still jovial, I realized what I already knew.

Life is short.  I have always known that.  I also have always lived thinking it.  But can I say I always lived it?


The message has REVERBERATED over and over since that night.  My inspiring blog post was not finished.  I still have yet to finish it and it will be post #2 of 2016.

Now as the days have passed, the first week of 2016 come and gone, I can see clearly again.  Life has been reevaluated, the first goals of 2016 have been changed, grieving has started for the family who lost, and I am grateful.

Thank you 2015, you have inspired and challenged me to live a life worthy of my calling.

I share what I know: Don’t wait to start your dreams: there may be no tomorrow.  Don’t live in the future; live in the here-and-now.

I realized the way we live our lives allows us to honor those of us who left us too soon.

As we are all here on borrowed time.


(Stevie: This post is dedicated to you. Thanks for the car talks.  I will think of you every time I see an old Camaro now. Watch over your lovely family and thank you for the lessons you taught me this New Year’s Eve.  I will honor your life through the lessons you brought me in the yesterdays and this night. Go do all the things you have not been able to do this past decade. You may not have been yourself for so long, but you are able to be you again. And you leave your mark here. Go live the life you should have had.)



2 thoughts on “Borrowed Time

  1. Very nice. Too often we think only about days far into the future and forget to live now. We also think of time ending when we pass. Opinions vary, but I’m convinced it’s just the beginning.

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