It was a dark and stormy night…

Awakened by pouring ass rain in the still of the night.

It was a dark and stormy night.images-4What a shock to be jolted out of a sound sleep especially because I had no idea it was going to rain.  And since we have been in such a severe drought, I cannot even remember the last time I heard rain, let alone like this.

The raindrops were battering on the roof and pelting on the sidewalk .  Instantly I jumped up to look outside, then got back in bed and listened…and listened.


Not sure why, heard rain hundreds of times over my lifetime, but it always finds me in awe, always in amazement.  Something about how the sound of rain is so calming and makes you want to listen.  I did not hear rain inside of a home until I was ten years old.  It still is music to my ears.

Only bad thing about this rainstorm was I had been on stage with three others at a Tim McGraw concert and the show was just seconds into beginning.  The concert stage was on hydraulics and we just cleared underground and were now in front of infinite people in the open air of the night darkness, bright lights shining everywhere.

I had been selected as one of those few to entertain along side Tim due to my vocal abilities…err, yeah, that was definitely a dream since I can crack glass! The message of the dream as I stood there was about taking opportunities and risks and doing things not in my comfort zone and that I was going to do just fine.

I am not sure as to what in my life that dream was a message of or what it was referring to.  I lay listening to the steady cadence of the rain thinking about the message.  I did not get to live out that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity via that dream but heard the message loud and clear.

I wonder how many are lying awake in bed right now, thunder and lighting tearing through the sky.  What an amazing sense of wonder, act of nature, and beauty of the weather.  I wonder if anyone else’s dreams were interrupted as they were jolted awake.  And if they are laying there listening to the rain thinking about their dreams.


As the lighted keys on the laptop click away in the dark, it sounds like the rainstorm may be at its end for now.  I no longer hear the rhythm of the falling rain.  Or the thunder.  Gone, like that.

The message of this storm was even at the least opportune times waking up from a good dream and losing out on much needed sleep, the 2 o’clock hour offered one of those little things in life where the awe and beauty of nature and the way it makes you feel is way more powerful than anything else.

Ultimate living in the moment experience, using my senses and just taking it in.  Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.

Oh, one more very distant rumble of thunder in the far away sky.  Confirmation: the dark and stormy night has moved on.

All those awake in bed can now return to slumber, once again, in the still of the night.images-7

I wonder if Tim McGraw’s She’s My Kind of Rain was on the playlist for our concert singing.

One thought on “It was a dark and stormy night…

  1. I’ve missed reading the blogs! This was a good read. I was smiling while reading until I laughed thinking about your singing. I, too was awakened by the rainstorm, but got up out of bed for a bit to watch it out the patio door.
    Mother Nature so powerful & cool. I don’t remember it interrupting my dream, but love the message.

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