Don’t Forget to Live in the Moment

Have you ever been in an amazing, beautiful place which is breathtaking and something you would define as heaven, but you’re not fully living in the moment?
images-10I recently was in Cabo San Lucas and it took my breath away. The beauty of the Gulf of Mexico, the sunshine, free drinks, sandy beaches, and no time restraints just whispered paradise.

But I noticed at times I reverted back to normal life wondering about the house, work, the to do lists.  Sometimes spending a week away can seem like you’re ready to go home even if you’re enjoying yourself.

I remember thinking I should not be thinking about this stuff.  Is it part of being an adult?  You watch the kids in the pool and know they have no cares in the world.  Maybe I was not drinking enough alcohol.  But all I know is now that I am back, I sure wished I had lived in the moment every second I was there.

So, to those of you experiencing summer vacations and getaways, use that time to really really live.  Live in the sunshine.  Live in the smell of suntan lotion.  Live in the peacefulness. Live in the sound of the ocean crashing on the shore. Live in the power of your dreams.  Just live.

That’s what summertime is for.

Don’t let anything steal summer vacation.

Don’t think about anything on the home front.  You will be back there soon enough. Everything will still be there as you left it. It is waiting for you.

You’ll be back there soon enough and then you will wish you were back on vacation.  I wish I was in Cabo this VERY second.

So just live.


Ponder.  Reflect.

And take another sip of that icy cold beer on that hot summer day.

Cheers to living life!

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