The Magic of Music

I love music.

MUSIC2Music is a big part of my life.

I listen daily.  I work out to music every single workout.  I go for walks with music.  I clean house to music.  I never drive with the radio silent.  I listen to music at my desk at work.

There is always music that makes you move your head to, tap your foot to, dance to, songs you learn lyrics to, songs that remind you of something or someone, songs of things you want to do or experience, or songs that takes you back to the past.

But every once in awhile there comes along a song, that strikes a chord.  A chord down to your core.  A chord so deep that no other songs compare.

A song that actually transports you out of this world to another world.  Right out of reality and to some place else.

A song that makes your eyes see something that is only mind made up.  It gives you the emotions as if you are really there.

What makes a song do this?

Is it the melody?  The lyrics?  A connection with the song’s message?  All of the above?

Whatever it is, what an incredible feeling.  I got goose bumps tonight. And an image so real.

Maybe someday I can be transported for reals.  If not, the feeling when listening to this song is perfect enough.

I will gladly remain in this other world for a little while.

The magic of music is one beautiful thing. MUSIC4

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