Making Moments

images-11In between cleaning up from dinner, getting things together for work tomorrow and going online for something business related, I come across an ad for Baskin-Robbins.

Whoa!  Why did that catch my eye like it was a thunderbolt?

I do eat sweets but fast food is my weakness.  I never have a container of ice cream or ice cream sandwiches in the freezer.  I wonder if I even eat ice cream two times a year. I still have peppermint Hershey Kisses in the freezer from last Christmas if that shows you my nonchalant sweets attitude.

But tonight, Baskin-Robbins, yes please!

In that moment, I was all in, as in a must go to grab some ice cream!

Are they still open?


I look on their website and they are open until 10pm.

Plenty of time!

Now again, does the ice cream sound that incredible?  No, not really.  But it sounds like a spontaneous moment of awesomeness for no reason other to just do it.

Pulling up at the door with a few minutes to spare before closing, I see an employee exit the doors to dump trash in the dumpster.  “Am I too late? I ask.  Nope he says.


As I walk in the door, I see the Togo’s counter.  For a second I remember I am a sandwich and potato chips lover and would much rather order this, but nope, I am here for ice cream so I walk to the back of the store to the pink counter.

I order the same ice cream I ate when I was a child.  Pralines N’ Cream… tough choice between this and Rocky Road, another childhood favorite, but pralines it is.


As I hit the first crunch of one, I thank God for creating them. Something about that crunch and taste, takes me right back to being 7, 9, 12 years old. After some Friday night family dinners out growing up, there was a Baskin-Robbins stop.

By the way, not 100% sure what a praline is (guess I need to Google it but I think it’s a candy, not a nut…?) but they are damn awesomeness.  There actually are not enough in the ice cream.  Note:  Another letter to write… complain to BR Headquarters to add more pralines!

I get back in the car and realize I should have gotten a cone, but with my great driving skills, the cup and spoon do not stop me.  I am eating as I drive.  (Don’t tell!)  I jump on the freeway.  It seems extra dark out tonight.  The highway seemed like it was calling my name.

A good song comes on the radio.

I am belting out loud at the top of my lungs the lyrics to the song.

In between bites of ice cream, that is.

I drive and drive and drive to the next town over.  I exit the freeway and return towards home.  Ice cream gone but still belting tunes.

I realized moments in that moment.

It is spontaneous moments that just really add to life.  Anyone who knows me knows I used to be the BIGGEST planner and note taker and researcher.  I did not have a spontaneous bone in my body. Now a days, quite an opposite shift which still surprises me!  I still cannot believe the past few years having changed me so much.

I rarely plan anymore. (Still Type A…just a laid back one!) I notice the to-do lists are only to remember not to plan my day or hold me to a rigid schedule anymore.

Life seems sweeter with some adventure and spontaneity.  It makes a difference.  And tonight validated that ten-fold.

It was not even about the ice cream eating, it was about the experience.

Wow, what made that come to me? And to me tonight?  Why?

Must be telling me to continue to be spontaneous and experience new things.  I have never eaten ice cream at 10pm.

Okay, now back to the drawing board… getting ready for work, penning an important email and finish cleaning up the kitchen.

Soon all done, except with belly ice cream happy.

Life lesson: Make moments in the midst of everyday nothing.  Make time to create moments.images-9

3 thoughts on “Making Moments

  1. Awesome!

    I love ice cream. Can eat it in 20 degree weather. But this isn’t really about ice cream. You’re right. Life is what we make it. Those little moments of happiness, add up to a happy overall life.

    P.S. Pralines is nuts and sugar boiled down. Usually pecans, but not always.

    P.P.S. Now I want ice cream. Damn it

  2. I eat way more than twice a year! Pralines & Cream is my moms favorite too. Rocky Road love the marshmallow, not the nuts.
    “It’s the little things in life, that make life worth livin”.

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