The Stillness of the Morning Air

images-2I love waking up at the butt-crack of dawn and feeling the stillness of the morning air.

The house is calm.  The coffee has been brewed.  Both the calm and the coffee permeate the air.

The rising of the morning sun permeates the room.

I am usually feeling the stillness of the midnight air so morning air, refreshing.

There is something about the morning I cannot describe other than something calming, peaceful, promising for the day ahead.


It’s like the world is restored.

The world is falling apart.  So much bad is happening everyday. People are as evil as ever. There is nothing still or calm about what we are hearing in the news daily.  The random acts of kindness and good in the world is rarely heard about.

And that takes away anything still in our lives when we are amongst the daily news.

And how often do we slow down (really slow down) enough without the television on or a to-do list lurking in the mind.

Stillness has no form.

Stillness brings a sense of self.  A sense of peace.

Learning how to be still, to really be still and let life happen – that stillness becomes a radiance.

On this Independence Day, may we all somehow, someway feel the stillness in our hearts and the stillness in our little corner of the world we occupy.  A stillness in our lives we all deserve.

Happy Birthday America.

No matter how things are going on the home front or abroad, I promise you my heart will always be proud of America and what She stands for.  I cried last night at fireworks, taking me back to single digits of age when I would tear up and not understand it.  I didn’t understand it last night either.

Well, maybe I do.

My patriotism never wavers.

I support wholeheartedly all the military, police and civil servants who are out there, dedicating much of their lives, doing the right thing every day trying to make America a great place to live.

I stand tall and proud for the freedom we have and for the lives we live as Americans.

Today is the perfect day to practice stillness.

In the midst of movement or chaos, keep the stillness within yourself.  Learn how.

Cultivate stillness in any way, shape or form.


My day will not all be stillness, calm, quiet but this morning is.

Believe me I will be having a cocktail this afternoon while listening to a live blues band and bbqing in the evening to commemorate this special day but for now, my coffee cup sits perched on the desktop in the stillness of the morning air. images-1

2 thoughts on “The Stillness of the Morning Air

  1. I was up last night in the middle of the night. I sat outside to feel the stillness & calm in the air. I tried for the calmness in my mind. Happy 4th to you!
    Happy 4th AMERICA!

  2. Great post. My two favorite times of the day are early morning and late evening. On the deck. With coffee also!

    By the way, that coffee should be Lock ‘N Load Warrior Select!!

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