Life is Just a Game

videogame2Nothing like down time in the middle of the night… awake…at work…thinking about life.

I sure do that a lot.  Do I think too much? Or is it a good skill to have?

Tonight, the answer is yes, I think too much.

I apparently do a lot of thinking, all the time.  If you know me, this you know.  This is the writer in me.  This is the thinker in me.  This is the dreamer in me.  This is the over-analyzer in me.  This may even be the overachiever in me.

Tonight I sit here, thinking about things and realizing life is one crazy ass… {bleep}.

Did you catch that? 

One crazy ass thing.

I overheard someone say tonight that life is a game.

And wait, Mother Teresa said that too?


Hmm… I guess it is?  I never thought about it that way.

Wait I need to think about that for a second.

If life gets too serious, does thinking about life as a game make it a little lighter?  Don’t take life so serious.  Making sense…slowly…

Hmm, I think I’m on to something now…

A game?  Really?  Like with a joystick controller?  Keeping score?  Trying to win with a game over finish?

I think I always have the mindset of taking life serious… I must continue to grow and continue, continue, continue… to continue to better myself, continue to learn, continue to produce, continue to try and make everyone happy, continue to work on my weaknesses, continue to reach my goals, continue to try and make my dreams come true, continue to find things my life lacks, continue to step outside my comfort zone, continue to try winning at this thing we call life.

And truthfully I am tired.

I do not think I am winning at this game of life at the moment.  I sort of feel defeated.

It’s totally okay.  I guess it’s where I am supposed to be, but damn, I am tired.

The game of life is either being a player or a spectator.  I have always been a player.  Today I just want to be a spectator.

Can I just watch life go by today and maybe take a nap?  And stop thinking for awhile?

Life is just a game of chance.  A dance with fate.  Life is whatever it wants it to be.  We have no real control.  Life just happens.

Life is just one big game.

There are ups, there are downs.  Sometimes you feel like you’re winning.

Other times you feel like you’re losing.

The rules are constantly changing.

So life is a game.  Play it.

I will, but first today, I surrender.

I’ll start over tomorrow.videogame

One thought on “Life is Just a Game

  1. Love this post. I can relate.

    Life may be a game, but it’s not one about winning or losing. It’s all about just playing the game the best you can.

    That how I look at it anyway. In that sense, you’re not losing today, or any day. You’ve already won. That’s the way I see you. As a winner.

    Don’t think of it as surrendering. Just like a game, sometimes you need to sit on the bench for a few so that you can continue the game at your peak.

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