Stop and Smell the Roses

rose1We as Americans are constantly on the go.

This fast paced, frantic life we live sometimes has us going like Energizer bunnies.  We are non-stop during our work hours, trying to squeeze in errands, daily tasks, and things we want to do. Or some we have to do.

Some nights it can be hard to fall asleep with thoughts wandering a mile a minute. This may not apply to everyone, but I know this applies to me.  Not all the time but some nights I wish I had more time and I am planning the next day ahead.

The to-do list grows every time I check something off of it. I can even say for every item crossed off, two more to-do’s are written down.  But this time in my life, most of it is all exciting stuff thankfully.  A lot of scary, stepping outside the comfort zone box stuff to do, but I am ready to take the bull by the horns and get it done!

Is it necessary to ever slow down?  Or can we function in fast forward mode trying to get it all done, continuing to take on more and more?

Can we enjoy life when we are running like crazy?

I am a fan of the slower lifestyle actually.  One that allows me easily to soak in life everyday.  I was in this mode for quite some time.  And was succeeding in the chill life for the first time ever.

Life is different now. Maybe it is okay to be super busy.

Maybe it is okay to be chasing crazy dreams and completing them.  Maybe it is okay to keep taking on more as it lands in my lap.

Maybe it will slow down but for now, I have decided yes, it is okay.

And I think as long as one thing is done, I should be fine. I think the only thing that matters is that I must stop and smell the roses.

It has been a few weeks since doing this.  Overdue for sure.

We need to pause as often as possible in our busy lives and be mindful and present.

You know, stop and smell those roses.

This reminder is our message to stop the rushing, always working late, and to slow down even if for just a few minutes. We must stop and smell the roses or time is lost.

And maybe that means enjoying every minute no matter what we are doing. Working, errands, busy.  Enjoying every minute no matter where we are.

The sun comes up every single day for us to enjoy, no matter what. And tomorrow it will come up again. Life is really like that.

Enjoy it regardless what you’re doing.

We must slow down just enough to appreciate life and see the beauty in the world.  It is important for us to see what life is truly about and truly appreciate and understand what really matters.

Just enjoy your life…and stop and smell the roses. rose2

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