Stepping Outside my Comfort Zone


This so far has been the most unorganized, scary, nerve wracking preparation but to accomplish great things, as they say, we must act.

I’d so much rather be surrounded and talking to a group of murderers.

But that is easy.

This is not.

And that is what stepping outside my comfort zone is all about.

I must have a message even though I am not sure yet what it is.

It must be my purpose to share.

Accomplish. Act. Dream. Believe.

3 thoughts on “Stepping Outside my Comfort Zone

  1. You’re gonna do great! The next blog will be about how fun it was and how you surprised yourself in how well you handled it. Should probably start writing that now.

  2. Yes, Agreed you will do great! I wish I could be there to support you, but you know I will be doing that from home. Just remember your Horoscopes for the last couple days! Oh, & think of the room as a bunch of naked guys when you speak. Don’t know it that will work, but hey I guess it could be worse. Wouldn’t work for new, but hopefully for you.

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