Embrace Your Messy, Beautiful Life

messyWell, when nothing is going right (or so it seems) and it feels like you have lost all control (I know, I know, we never have control), there is only one thing to do.

And that is to:

Embrace your messy, beautiful life.

I was on cruise control for a good while.

No overthinking.

I had stopped worrying.

I was in the fast lane of life.

I was being mindful and present.

But life, unfortunately, happens.

And I started overthinking, worrying, and was everywhere but present.

This past week has been one crazy, draining, unproductive one.  A project I needed to finish, oh, about, a month ago, was seeming impossible to finish.  My fear held me back. I just finished.  I have a lot of memorization and familiarizing to do, but that damn thing is done. I will not let fear eat at me anymore.

I can do what I set my mind to.

I am done thinking I have let myself down in several aspects of my life.  I am doing just fine.

Something clicked in me today that made me realize I had the ability and control (okay, sometimes maybe we have control?) of finishing my project, moving forward, and not letting my mind work on me as it has.

Embrace simply living again, I told myself.

I love that I am way more emotionally resilient and bouncing back faster these days.

Out of control will only be for so long.  Time to move on! Messy does not have to feel out of control.

So I realized tonight, when this happens, you just have to find the beautiful in the mess.

Maybe embracing life when it is not easy on you can help make the hard times end sooner.

A few unforeseen things happened to me lately that have been utter disappointing, stressful, and not how I planned life to go. But I must be grateful for what I do have, as always.

Even if life is messy, it can still be beautiful, right?

But I am shrugging it all off now. No overthinking, just acceptance.  Life is what it is.

And I am hoping to be back on the road with the cruise control on again real soon.

3 thoughts on “Embrace Your Messy, Beautiful Life

  1. You said the 5 most important words in there ” I am doing just fine”. You need to control the hectic ness goin on & you’ll be just fine. Slow it down a little & dont take on too much. “You are doing just fine”!

  2. So glad you are letting yourself tell yourself that you are stronger than you think.  🙂

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