So, for a person who has always been very private, a dreamer, and quiet, I did not expect my life to take the turn it has.  I have lived in a turtle shell and never thought I would actually be able to fulfill dreams and see the dreams I have had turn into reality in front of my eyes.

I have become an author as of this past weekend.  I am published on Amazon now.  What an incredible feeling and I believe it is just the start of something bigger.

Everything sort have has all fallen together in the past few months for my writing career.

I was told by a friend awhile back to get a book called You are a Badass: Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life.  I so hate to admit this, but after taking it out of the Amazon box, I only read a bit of it.  It seems hard to finish books I start these days as they are accumulating in my nightstand drawer but it did hit home big time.

The author Jen Sincero in just pages made me realize we have the power to make our lives as we want them to be.  We may not have everything but the way we treat ourselves, knock out the procrastinating, and start doing and living, will get us where we want to be.

It did.

Since then, I have over doubled the amount of articles I produced for my column making my editor happy. I even have two more brewing in my head which just needs an hour each to get them written and sent in.  I wrote a second story that went into the anthology book that I never anticipated completing.  I wrote a synopsis and got a book contract.  I am working on a presentation for a 1.5 hour speech at a seminar I was asked to attend.  And will soon after start writing my book.

This is all foreign to me.

I am having to come out of my shell.

I am like a turtle much of the time.  I like hiding.  I like calm.  I like quiet.

I like to sit back and observe.

I dream.

I now need to be brave and stick my head out.

I need to go into the water instead of just dabbling a toe in the water.

I need to live YOLO – we really only do live once and I am not getting younger.

Go big or go home, right?

This blog since I started in 2013 has been only half of me.  It has only shared half of me.  I only shared a half of my double identity.  While I have been super open and real, it has only been half of me.

It is now time…

Now time to step out and be whole.



I am going to be putting myself out there as raw, open, and not hiding as I have been.

It’s scary I say.

It’s uncomfortable I say.

But it is where I am headed.

And the new life I am about to step into.

Badassery, as Jen says, comes to those who takes risks.

I take risks because I want to be badass!  images-7

2 thoughts on “Badassery

  1. Badassery,, love that! Halfway? I think you’ve stretched yourself out further & doing great!
    Women’s Shirt on Grunt style fits!!

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