The Fragile Heart

images-8We each have a heart.  We like when those hearts are happy and cheerful and in the zone of life.

We do not like our hearts when they feel hurt.

And hurt is what I am feeling right this second.


I got my feelings hurt today.

Everyone is afraid of getting hurt.

Afraid of being vulnerable.

Afraid of putting themselves out there and it not being reciprocated.

I just had a moment where this happened and it has been a rather long time since I have felt this way.

It stings, I cannot lie.

It tripped up the day since I thought it was going a different route.

I sat down at the computer to check some emails and decide what my day will entail and I saw this.  I receive motivational emails that are supposed to be your inner self, your inner light speaking to you.  Wow, perfect timing, and whoa, another life lesson moment.

It is a little much since my heart was not broken, just momentarily feeling stepped on, but the message behind these words were powerful.  It is not about what happened, but about how pain, sadness, disappointment, or mistreatment can be handled when the heart temporarily hurts.

images-9It read:

I know you’ve had your heart broken.

And now, I know it’s tempting to wall that baby off with a 30 foot fortress barrier and a deep moat filled with snakes. Because hearts are fragile. Hearts cry and bleed.

But I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, my love.

You must – simply must – give every person you love deeply permission to break your heart right open. Unless you can do that, you can’t truly love or be loved. Even though it hurts to lose someone when you let your heart get cracked like that, it’s also the crack where the joy flows in. You can’t truly have one without the other….

Crack it wide open, baby.

Trust me on this one.

Tearing down walls, draining out moats,

Your Inner Pilot Light

See, powerful, right?

I realized in that moment it truly is about what you tell your mind.  The mind is a crazy powerful thing.  The mind will believe anything you tell it and train it to believe.

And if we face pain and accept the things that do not go as planned, just accepting it, it will be a little softer.

Wait… if I allow my heart to hurt, allow myself to be vulnerable, allow myself to chase fear, it will be okay in the end? How weird!

So, with that, while I wish this had not happened, I guess I need to be okay with it. My heart hurts but it has hurt way worse before and it will heal as it always has.

Walls are not the healthy or the right way to handle life.

Apparently it is okay to have cracks in our hearts and okay to let them bleed, cry, leak.  If joy can find those cracks, then in the end, it is all worth it.

If that’s the case, there are no need for walls.

Telling myself to believe all this, my heart already hurts a tad less.  images-7

2 thoughts on “The Fragile Heart

  1. This is why I’m fortunate to have been born without feelings! Ha. JK.

    It’s never easy having your feelings hurt. It’s even harder being rejected. We’ve all been there. You’re an amazing person. Those cracks in your heart will mend. And I’m positive your heart is big enough to withstand a few cracks anyway. 😙

  2. You have a huge heart and maybe that’s why there’s room for cracks. I’m sorry to hear you are feeling that way and hopefully once the broken heart is mended you come back stronger, but at least good you have a positive outlook

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