No Reason at All


I have spent hours at the computer this morning, now into the afternoon, working on writing projects with deadlines. I thought I would be farther along than I am.


Taking a quick mental break.

Incredibly, a bunch of projects all hit me at once. I usually have one.

Working on some of the most important work of my writing career ever, I am flustered, frustrated how hard it is to write, hard clearing my mind, scared I will not accomplish each deadline.

I am so grateful but never been pulled in so many ways and all the projects are equal in importance to me.

But as I just finished one, I realized I did not even give myself credit for completion. I was nit picking why it was not good enough since my expectations for the assignment were different than the final outcome.

Note: Have no expectations.

I sit here, fingers by the keyboard, and I found myself staring off into…la-la-land.


I found myself smiling though.

I realized that in that moment I was smiling for no particular reason, no reason at all.


But I felt happy and content and smiling.

I have many reasons to smile.

Okay, now back to writing about serial killers.

2 thoughts on “No Reason at All

  1. Funny little post & yes you are right. You don’t give yourself enough credit. Try not to stress too much you have a lot on your plate these days

  2. Smiling for no reason could also mean your crazy. Haha. Just kidding.

    You’re already a successful person. A successful writer. And a great person. I have no doubts you’ll get all these projects done and they’ll be great too!

    Don’t forget us little people when you’re famous!

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