imagesNot a day goes by when I am not grateful. It is literally every single day no matter what kind of day I am having, I consciously and out loud in my head, say the words, “I am grateful” to myself.

This started years back when Oprah taught the value of gratitude on her television show and shared that every day she would make a list of things she was grateful for in her journal.  Back then, I had a gratitude journal, but over time, it turned into a list in my head.  Even though I have not been writing things down, it did not cause my daily gratitude to stray.

And in my darkest hours and hard times, my gratitude kept my head up. I would focus on the positives even though the negatives were ruling my life. The more I focused on the positives, the more positive I became, the more gratitude I had.

So, gratitude is always there… but today, I realized for the first time, there is something more than grateful going on.

During the course of my errands, I came across a necklace that said, “Blessed” on it and it struck a chord.  I was bouncing through the store all energized so thankful to be on days off, enjoying time at home, and even though I was in no mood to shop, I was getting a few much needed errands done.

I froze in my tracks.


There was something about the word that really hit home.  Touched me to my core. Grateful was nothing compared to blessed in that moment.

I realized that even though life is nothing as I planned or even where I want to be, I am 100% feeling blessed for all I have. It made me realize I was fully in the moment, feeling inner peace, and gratitude.  images-8

Listening to the whispers of my heart made me realize something even more. It was not seeing the necklace that made me be able to see how blessed I feel, but the new life I am living showed me.

I am working harder not to procrastinate which is bringing me new things.

Just today I was invited to my first speaking engagement at a conference seminar tied to my job and my writing. My first anthology work should be published by then and available on Amazon which may allow me to sell my story and this book at this event. It looks like I finally have reached a start to my writing career and need to not let fear keep me from going further.

Being a dreamer, I have dreamed big, but now it is time to live big.

I am living big. Well, big in the little ways. Experiencing new things. Slowing down to breathe the warm air into my lungs. Laughing as much as possible. Planning travel.

I am purging stuff, simplifying my life, and surrounding myself with those I am lucky enough to have in my inner circle. The people in my world mean the world to me.

I am working harder to get stuff done that I used to or have been putting off. I am getting things done. I am reorganizing and cleaning drawers and closets at home. It is all powerful stuff.

I am giving myself permission to live.

I had a glass of wine today at three o’clock (it’s five o’clock somewhere, right?) which is odd but I got my taxes done! I am taking on challenges and running them over instead of ignoring them and walking around them.

images-1I get goosebumps from tiny, perfect things. Seeing the stars, watching the sunset, going for a hike, and seeing perfect nature. A good meal, my favorite pair of tennis shoes, a text, a cup of coffee, lyrics of a good song.

It is not easy in this busy world to slow down every single day. It is not easy to find the balance in life to live like this. It is not easy to add doing one thing you love each day. But it is so important.

And I see this now.

And the fact that I see this now, I am blessed.

I am blessed for every little thing in my life.

So, what is it I plan to do with this wild and precious life?

I have NO idea!

But I know things I want to do along the way and the time has started to do them.  I am rich with wonder. I welcome the unexpected. I am learning to live.

I will die having lived a lived life.

And being blessed.

(And you bet I bought that necklace!)images-9

2 thoughts on “Blessed.

  1. A lot of times were too busy in our lives to realize the little things: like that morning cup of coffee, the sun coming up or maybe a long hike or seeing the stars on a clear night. It may be corny, but it reminds me of a favorite country artist Kenny Chesney, who says “Its the little things in life that make life worth livin”. So true! So yes, take time for the little things & I feel Blessed too! I am Blessed to have a friend like YOU in my life

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