My Little Big List

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We have all heard the quote, “Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back, and realized they were the big things”.

Well, ain’t that the truth?!

Life is not about material things, a job title, or fast cars. It is about the positive, every day littlest of things that make life what it is.

Each of us may have different likes and different things that float our boat. I do know the simplest of things can be the most thought provoking and can make me deep down happy in the giddiest of ways. These things make me feel light and in the moment and thankful.

Enjoying the little things in life can ensure that during our busy, that we are slowing down enough to acknowledge these things.

I am a huge photographer of everyday little things. I document my living on my Smartphone camera. I am constantly capturing the things no one takes pictures of… my beer bottle in my hand, a sunset, my Starbucks paper cup, clouds, my prepared meal on a plate.

I bet you I have more pictures on my phone than any of you! (10,063 photos, not including the almost 2,000 Pinterest images and screenshots saved!)

I am grateful for the things that caught my eye and heart this week.

Here’s to the top 10 list:

1) The high after a great workout
2) The spring feel of sun hitting my skin
3) The smell of coffee brewing in my kitchen
4) Being in bed warm and 100% comfortable
5) Hearing that someone misses me
6) Wearing an outfit that I feel good in
7) The smell of fresh cut grass on gardener day
8) Knowing the lyrics to sing out loud while driving to my new favorite songs
9) The smell of flavored candles lit while taking a bubble bath
10) The last few hours of my work shift before days off

What little things have rocked your world this week?

One thought on “My Little Big List

  1. Yes, you sure have a lot of pictures & love to take them, but I think it’s great to chronicle the things in life that we enjoy & make us happy. It definitely is the little & the things we need to appreciate the most. I concur with a lot of things on the list & right now especially the last item on your list. Looking forward to at least 3 or 4 of the items in the list this weekend

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