I Heart Love

I have been having some profound talks with my girlfriends lately.

Guess it is making some good blog writing?

Late tonight, a girlfriend who is like a sister to me asked me during our nightly text chat what the definition of love is to me.

Were we discussing the fact that after midnight it would be Valentine’s Day? Singles Awareness Day as she called it.


I was stumped when I was unable to come up with my definition of love. Honestly, I did not have one and hours later still do not have one.

I mean how could it be hard coming up with a definition for love?

I love love.

I am in love with love.

So, therefore it would have to be a really great definition for me to throw out there. I think I am good at expressing myself but a definition, hmm…

Still stumped!

I do know that love is by far one of the best feelings in the world. Maybe even the best. There is something about feeling alive and connected with loved ones.

We all want to feel love and be loved. We all want to experience what true love is about. We all want reciprocated love. We all want unconditional love.

Is love a thing?

Is love a feeling?

Is love an emotion?

Is love magic?

So… as I thought more but was still unable to find my definition, what did I do? I surveyed my pals, male and female, again… since it worked well last time. I only received a few responses; many were stumped like me.

The great responses:
*Male coworker: Finding your friend, your sexual partner, someone you care a lot about…your other half.

*Another male coworker’s immediate response to my text was, “A name for the chemical reaction that drives our species to procreate”. I responded with, “That’s it?” He replied he was just kidding and then replied, “Love is like the soul. Can’t prove or disprove it. But I know it’s there. Don’t have a definition for it.” I told him to keep rolling with that… “I can’t prove to anyone that an emotion, in this case love, actually exists and is not just an instinct or chemical reaction. But I knew the second I fell in love. I believed it. It just WAS.”

*My definition of love would be acceptance, devotion, understanding, trust, utmost respect, ability to joke and laugh at each other, and no matter how stressful life gets and things are thrown your way, you can still turn to each other and just have that knowing you have each other, your life, the power of love and gratitude.

*Love to me is family and being there for each other.

This showed that love is sweet in all facets of life. Love can be what we make of it. Love can be how we feel it. Love can be what we want it to be.


As big of a romantic at heart as I am (the biggest?), Valentine’s Day could make me puke.

I never have been a fan whether attached, married, or single. It is a Hallmark holiday that makes people sad and every day should be about love and those in our life anyway. Every day we should treat those we love as if each day is Valentine’s Day.

But the message of showing others that they are loved is a good thing. Love makes the world go ‘round. I try hard to show and tell those I love and care for each day. It is important to me that they know.

Love can be hard after loss though. Sometimes it is hard to put ourselves out there being vulnerable and raw. My girlfriend was speaking of her heartache tonight.

I wished so much I had the right words to say, that could take an ounce of her pain away. I feel her heart aching and can see her walls going up. It is easy to go into protect mode and I have done this before and even recently.

I am realizing that we must remain open in our hearts no matter how hard or painful experiences are. We must never shut ourselves off to the possibility of love.


I found this quote and it made me think. I will be sharing this with my girlfriend who is now sleeping.

The quote said, “Those are the times that is most important to love…and to love without condition and expectation. It is worth it, my friend. Experiment with it. It is all up to you. Love and love and love… and when you get tired…just love some more.”

Just love.

So, on this Valentine’s Day and always, I am grateful for all the love in my life. I have so much love in my heart. My friends and family mean the world to me.

It is quite an unforgettable portrait of love, if you ask me.

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