Fantasy: What’s it to You?

Imagination is my drink…

Like I have said before, I am a dreamer. My imagination loves to run away. Escape to another world, another life. I have always been that way. I learned tonight that you do not have to be a dreamer to carry fantasy in life.

They may differ, but everyone has a fantasy. Or fantasies.

I love to fantasize about life. Fantasy is a genre of fiction. It allows us to create life. The life I would be living if I could snap my fingers and make magic happen. The things I would have in my life that I do not have right now. The things I want to be doing or the people I want to be with. Places I want to be or things I want to buy. Fantasy can be realistic or may be fictional. Fantasy can be something we want to become reality or maybe just remain fantasy.

Fantasy ranges on a wide spectrum but tonight, I cannot avoid talk about S-E-X fantasies.

So, being at work with down time, when the idea of this fantasy blog came up (thanks Jen for another assignment!), I started asking around. Of course I am thinking about the topic in general…But…um… I work with almost all guys.

Well, I got answers alright! Female and male answers were ALL sexual thoughts initially. Some non-specific on partners, some specific. Some normal, some Fifty Shades of Grey freaky.

untitled (8)

I guess this was a kind of fitting conversation with the movie about due out next weekend. Earlier in the shift, my work partner saw the trailer on television and asked me about it while I was typing on the computer. Apparently he and his wife have yet to read the books.

So, back to asking around, I think I was surprised both men and women initially blurted out sexual fantasies.

After I asked my initial question, I then rephrased to ask what non-sexual fantasies they had.

It was then I saw a wide variety of fantasy emerge…

Several involved tropical island thoughts. Earlier in the night looking for a birthday vacation spot, I was fantasizing about the Bahamas, trying to decide on which resort caught my eye the most. What resort would fulfill all my fantasies and where I will end up in some weeks.

To those I asked, one was on a tropical island in the pool at a swim-up bar (guy) and one was fantasizing about an upcoming trip to Cancun, walking hand-in-hand down the beach, sipping drinks in the sun, getting a tan, and hot sexy nights (girl).

With this, I realized guys are visual… no details mentioned. Girls are all detailed about what creates their fantasy. Interesting difference seen in what was said…and I know I would have been detailed as girly can be.

Others fantasies were:

Buying a first home and relaxing on the couch watching television


Completing something and becoming a success in it

Picturing oneself doing something well

Finishing a project that has been started and never finished

Buying a dream car

Buying material things

Fantasy is a necessary ingredient to living. I love that sentence because it creates excitement. It is about being alive. Imaginative conceptualizing that is unrestrained, extravagant, and limitless.

Tonight as we were all forced to be at work, the last place we want to be, but through this we were able to escape.

Fantasy creates escapism.

Fantasy creates a better life when we are not where we want to be.

Fantasy creates a tactic to shut the brain off for a little while.

My usual ultimate fantasy is just my bucket list dance in the bed of a pick-up in the moonlight, but tonight it is something different.

I crave connection over a romantic dinner at an upscale establishment. Dressed up in a dress or black pencil skirt and really high (hot) heels, sitting in the corner of a dark candlelit restaurant staring into someone’s eyes talking about life and getting to know each other.

I envision a feeling of us feeling like we were the only two in the place. Totally engrossed and totally in tune. I envision wine and maybe a Manhattan while sharing dessert. I envision an ultimate feeling of romance even though I cannot describe what that would entail. It is more the fantasy of the feeling. It is the fantasy of the anticipation of romance after dinner. Fast forward to morning sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and talking more together. Simpleness.

During this conversation with my coworkers, I opened a Dove chocolate wrapper a coworker threw some down as he walked past the desk I was sitting at with some others. The inside of the wrapper message was quite fitting to my discussion and blog in the making. 20150209_234046

Somedays require some good dreaming… let it be today!

Take me to Fantasyland.

Be back soon…

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