Five Things I Learned on This Day

1. There is a job for everyone.


I went to a new dentist today to get my teeth cleaned.  The hygienist was super sweet and we hit it off chatting. Of course it’s rather hard to have a conversation when you have hands and plastic and metal shoved in your mouth. But I did a pretty good job holding a conversation when I was able to talk.

When we got to the part that she has four kids, I said, “I bet coming to work is your YOU time?” And she said that was absolutely true and that she loved her job.

Later in the conversation, I noticed she picked a piece of plaque out of my teeth (gross, I know) that she put down on the tray.  I was grossed out at the job in that moment and made some joke about picking spinach out of people’s teeth from three weeks prior.

It was then that I learned my new hygienist is as passionate about her job as anyone could be. She looked at me and said, “I LOVE picking stuff out of people’s teeth!”  She paused while looking at me and continued, “I guess there is a job out there for everyone!” It was a hilarious moment even making herself laugh.

But she was 110% serious. She then proceeded to talk about how popcorn kernels can lay flat on the tooth slipping into the gum line. And they could be stuck in there for a month.

She can tell if a popcorn kernel has been in someone’s mouth for a month? 

I learned today that sometimes it is the simplest of things that make people love their job.

2. I still have expectations sometimes.


I have done better about expecting life or life events to go a certain way and being let down when it does not, but realized I still hold expectations sometimes. I guess being a dreamer, this is bound to happen.

Dreamers dream with fantasy. Dreamers pay attention to detail and fantasize about perfect. I know there is no perfect but I still dream of exciting times to be a certain way.

I am learning that life is going to play out in its own way regardless. Envisions of how things will go can end up totally different than the thoughts in our heads but it does not mean it has to be disappointing.

Have no expectations and the way life plays out is going to be good enough.

3. I have a gift.


I have had some great conversations with my father recently. His new hobby is reading and I am super jealous how he has read a bunch of great books lately.  (I tried to read today…read two pages and fell asleep!

At this rate, I may be able to finish the book by the end of the year?

My dad and I were talking about the current book he is reading and out of left field my dad says, “You have a gift, my dear…I hope you use it”.

I have a gift?

My dad has been my biggest fan for years and always compliments my writing but today it was heard different.  I want to have a gift in my writing.  I want to touch people with my writing. I do not see it, but if he says it and a few close people in my life say it, I want to believe this is true.

Why am I still not writing as often as I’d like?  

I am a waiter, I know.  I wait for when I got wheels turning and in the zone to get my thoughts on paper. When I feel this, I must write. But I do not see this often. I was reminded today that I need to write regardless if my mind is blank. I just need to write.

Write on! (And thanks Dad… I hope to make you proud with something published as soon as I can.)

4. Some days are just off days.


I am on my days off. On the last few days of my work week, I planned my to-do-list of everything I wanted to do so that I am ahead for these days off and the following week.  I am a planner and note writer.

Writing to do lists and notes are easy!  Why can’t writing a book be that easy?

Well, needless to say, I have no clue where the list is and the past few days I have been off have been wonderfully relaxing and without any time restraints or schedules and I have gotten absolutely nothing done.

My days off are always productive and always scheduled out getting things done.

I love that I just don’t care.

I learned today is okay to have off days.  If I did not get ahead or get stuff done this week, it will get done.

I shrugged off that my days are feeling “off” and am just going to keep going.  The old me would have beaten myself up for not getting my errands or chores done, which leads me to this next lesson of the day.  Something on my to-do-list that I keep staring at and trying to get myself to complete the task but so far no luck.

5. I must HATE mopping floors.


Do I even need to explain this one?

One thought on “Five Things I Learned on This Day

  1. Funny, you commented to me I hope it’s okay (Hope it’s not lame). Are you kidding me, that was probably one of the better articles I think you’ve written. Ok, I am a little biased, but seriously I thought it was really good & very accurate. Especially #’s 2 & 4. #3 too of course, but I have mentioned that to you before. As far as # 2 & 4 go though I’m really pleased to see that you are finally seeing it in you too. It’s not always easy to let go of expectations, but I see it in you too. You definitely like your notes & errands & I’m really happy to see that it doesn’t cause you much stress or anxiety anymore. Great article & proud of you!

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