The “Legend” of Chris Kyle


Tonight after seeing American Sniper, I realize I owe Chris Kyle a huge apology.

After his February 2, 2013 tragic death, his book was purchased and has sat on my nightstand awaiting to be read.20150127_164742

As soon as I am done writing this, I will be finally opening the pages of Chris’ book to delve into his life story as I just saw it unfold on the big screen.

Anyone who knows me knows I am true patriotic to my core.  I still wonder where this comes from and I still wonder why I am so touched by our military, the American flag, and the warriors and warrior families that sacrifice so much for us Americans.  My emotions are rocked from these unlike much other emotion.

American Sniper rocked me to the core tonight.  All out laughter, goose bumps, and gobs of tears streaming down my face.  Normal movies do not bring me this type of emotion, ever.

Tonight there was no escaping it. And frankly, I did not want to. I have never been MORE proud to be American as I sat in that theater in my Grunt Style “Freedom” tee shirt. I  have never taken my freedom for granted and will never for as long as I live. images

I have a hard time understanding the idiots who criticize the movie and the moviegoers who attended the film.  You can call me angry or whatever else you want to call me and it truly does not matter.

I know I am in the better part of the Nation’s population who truly understands what it means to be an American.  I truly feel sorry for those who are ignorant and against what America stands for.  They will never live the full value of life.

They do not understand the concept of the American Dream, freedom, or what life is truly about deep down. What a pity to live a life without humility, genuine love for your country, and the ability to allow themselves to be a part of something so special.

But there has to be rejects somewhere, so they can be it.  It sure is pathetically sad though. I am glad I am not one of them.

I am so grateful for how my parents raised me and how we would partake in the 4th of July and other American holidays we celebrated.  Even at such a young age, the amount of emotion these holidays would bring or how I would feel hearing the National Anthem or seeing the flag blowing in the wind. I am so lucky to have been raised by proud Americans and to be a proud American today.

And to Chris Kyle and every other soldier who has dedicated themselves to fighting for our country, past or present, they have a piece of my heart.

A few years back after some life changes, I decided to join the Reserves to find out I was one year too old.  I would have loved to serve my country even though I probably would have come back fucked up.  

But I would have wholeheartedly. And still wish I could.  

Maybe in my next life?

An ultimate dream in my life (besides dancing in the back of a pickup truck in the moonlight) is to someday help wounded warriors and their families.  I always said if I was rich, I would own an in-patient care facility somewhere serene to rehabilitate our heroes.  Of course I am not rich and may never be able to do this, but it has been a dream since after 9/11.

Tonight only made my desire to work with wounded and mentally ill veterans that much stronger.  I want to give back to these people who sacrificed so much for us.

I do not know how or where but I need to figure out a way.

This February 2nd, as I raise a glass to Chris Kyle, I will not only think about him and his family left behind, but all the heroes lost in all our wars, and all the warrior families who sacrificed a part of their world, and to all those who have fought and are on desert soil serving right now.

Our world is falling apart, we have a president and too many American people who are against everything we stand for and believe in, and society is as screwed up as it has ever been.  

But to those of us who know the true meaning of being an American, there is solace in that. I feel that tonight. And I know no matter what happens, it will carry me through.

I know, as Chris Kyle did, ’til his last breath that he wanted to protect the American people, and he is my hero for doing so. We cannot forget these heroes.

To all those who supported America in the past days going to see this film, I salute you from the bottom of my heart. $2,000,000.00 in ticket sales shows there is a handful of good America that exists. And I hope Chris Kyle is watching and smiling from above.

The flag that flies outside of my home everyday is dedicated to our servicemen and women, past and present, and the hero warrior families they love.

One thought on “The “Legend” of Chris Kyle

  1. As I watched this movie I felt my strong loyalties as an American & knowing I’m proud to an American citizen. I enjoy American past times like baseball where the flag is always flying & you sing the National Anthem. I like to have my flag displayed in front of my house on the 4th of July & Memorial Day too along with other holidays. I was never in the military, but sometimes wish I were for the comraderie & brotherhood. I support the military & our veterans especially knowing what they gave to support our great Country. I like going up to people in their military uniforms to shake their hand & thank them for their service.
    This was a powerful movie as not one person got up as the credits w ere rolling. You just don’t see that. I was before & still am Proud to be an American!

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