The Heart as a Compass


When you feel lost, do you really need to be found?

Lost usually refers to a negative thing for us. Being lost from a destination needing direction or feeling lost as in feeling helpless or hopeless.

I am realizing I am lost, but feeling right where I need to be. And want to be.

There is an overwhelming need to always be where we think we should be for the future or where we want to be at the end of our destination, but I am seeing life really is about the journey along the way. I am not focusing as much as I used to on the future.

There is that lost feeling because in a way I know I am off my beaten or chosen path at the moment.

Does it really matter?

I keep asking myself this. And now I know the answer.

Sometimes following your heart means losing your mind.

It is what my heart wants and I am following it wherever it may go.

I learned today a girlfriend of mine is engaged and will be eloping after only knowing her new man for one month. Talk about going with her heart!

I am learning in life that the heart knows what the heart wants.

Her heart led her to no longer being lost.

So while I think I am lost, maybe I am not really lost after all?

I am going to continue to use my heart as my compass and live life as it comes.

I am continuing to see such inner peace from releasing the constant need to live with my head. My heart knows things that my mind cannot explain.

Funny how I learned from trauma and sadness to live with my head instead of my heart. All these years, I do not think it got me anywhere even though living with my head was always about doing the right thing, saving myself from pain, and having an added guard of protection.

The constant overthinking about always doing the right thing and feeling the need to not make mistakes was tiring. Just living is so much easier. And happier.

If we do not follow our hearts, we might spend the rest of our lives wishing we had.

My heart is open.

My soul is listening.

And my heart and soul are happy.

I am going to follow the compass and go in the direction that it takes me.

And lost does not appear to be as I have already been found.

One thought on “The Heart as a Compass

  1. You definitely are not lost! & yes follow your heart. Your compass will definitely point you in the right direction!!

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