It Truly is About the Journey

That is a whole mouthful of words! And I had to read it twice, but it is so true.  It makes me realize my whole adult life I have tried to control things. (Just a little Type A, ya think?)

I have tried to make everything run smooth, be good and easy.  Everything has always been about order.

Life does not work that way though.  And I am starting to realize it is such a relief to let go of order and just live.

I have always lived my life with my head and not my heart. It has been such a change the past few months living instead with my heart.  It really did change everything about my life.

I am calmer, happier, and just rolling along as life unfolds.  There is a specific inner peace that comes with letting go.

I am finally understanding that IT IS WHAT IT IS.  I made that my life motto over three years ago, in fact, and they truly are some of the smartest words I have ever heard.  Not to be used in an unemotional shrug it off way, but in a sensitive having to just face life head-on and deal-with-it-kind-of-thing.

Life does not always make sense.  Life does not always go the path(s) we planned. We have no control over what happens sometimes.

Me realizing over the past few weeks, our time in this life is limited and we must accept that too.

I want to live life wholeheartedly.  I want to make the most of each day.  And now I know when something comes up, I will deal with it then. I cannot worry what may happen or what could happen or should happen.

As I sat on the cusp of 2015 over the past few days, I was reflecting on the New Year.  I (still) want to say I can control everything. I (still) have the mindset of wanting to be able to do so but now I know better.

I want to say I will always do what is right.

I want to say I will always succeed at what I try.

I want to say I will always feel happy.

I want to say I will make no mistakes.

And I want to say the year will go smoothly.

But that is not life.  We cannot control what happens. I am going to make mistakes. There may be bumps in the road.

And with that, I see now, we must adapt to the life we have been given. The new year cannot be a wall that protects us from hardships, stress, error, or anything else. I have always put that pressure on each and every new year for everything to go right.

This year I did not and today feels like an ordinary day.

There is no pressure except to live fully and what a wonderful feeling that is.

Living fully is usually about the little things that make me happy.  Today is about staying home, slowing down, and doing things I have not had time for…and later dancing to music in the kitchen as I cook. Dance like no one is watching (and that sure is a good thing the way I dance!)

Truly is a wonderful feeling this morning as I sit here with my morning coffee.

And I suspect another wonderful feeling will be just accepting… and living unruly on the life journey I am on.

Me able to live unruly?  Hey, bring it on!

I truly think 2015 will be that much sweeter because of this. The-Journey-Between-Who-You-Once-Were

3 thoughts on “It Truly is About the Journey

  1. I’m not taking credit for all of this, but I (& you) have to admit I should get a little credit because how long have I been saying these things to you. You have grown immensely as a strong woman from when we 1st met (you’ve always been strong) but you’ve learned to not let things bother you or stress you out as much and taking it more day by day. For this I am so proud of you & extremely happy to call you my friend. Our long commute trips has certainly helped us both! And remember “It is what it is”

  2. Happy New Year!

    Couldn’t agree more.

    I’ve always figured if everything in life was controlled and went right, life would be boring.

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