Birthday Celebration Time

Happy Birthday, Mom.

I knew I wanted to do something today (as I always do) but was not sure of what I could do.

I have done the eating of birthday cake, the balloons with a note sent off to heaven, the McDonalds meals because of our after Saturday tennis lessons tradition. I have done the mall to honor our fun shopping trips after tennis and McDonalds. This birthday I wanted to do something different, something I had not done before.

Nothing jumped out though.

I went through my day trying to figure out what I could do to celebrate my mother.

Dates are something that stick with me. People’s special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries are embedded into my mind.

I love the thought of celebrating people who are special to me. And even though mom is no longer here, she still deserves to be celebrated.

I looked through some old photographs and found not one photo where my mother was not smiling. That, of course, made me smile.

I was reaching late afternoon and still was not sure what I would do. I could not remember ever drinking wine in her honor. Her and my father would love to sit together on special occasions, dinners out, or on the boat and drink white wine together.

I could bust open a bottle of white wine?

Sometimes things have a way of just working itself out. I found the best celebration… even better than a glass of wine. Or better than anything I could have planned.

Dave and I went out for a four-mile walk just before dusk. A mile or so into our walk in the sprinkling rain, through massive patches of brown and red leaves, I for some reason had my eyes go to the ground at my feet.

And it was then… I saw it.

No way!

I saw a heart shaped leaf in the middle of thousands of fallen leaves along the sidewalk path. It was so close to me I would have stepped on it, had I not seen it.

I looked back down by my feet and all around the sidewalk and grass and saw all the leaves to have three tips. This one had only two. Hmm!


I picked it up and instantly thought: Is this Mom reaching me to say hello to me on her special day or was this my message to give to her?

In that moment, I hoped it was my mom reaching me.

Do our loved ones do that?


Dave put the leaf in his jacket pocket and carried it home safely for me. As we continued to step over tens of thousands fallen leaves, I looked occasionally for any other leaves like I found. Nope, that was the only one.

Something as simple as this leaf has put me in the giddiest mood. As the sun set, in the overcast sky and darkness fell, I walked in the cool brisk autumn air feeling so light.

It was the perfect moment of today to celebrate my mother.

I came home and decided to open up that bottle of wine to have a glass and cheers the moment (a true living in the moment) and to celebrate mom.

I decided on white wine thinking mom drank Chardonnay but after opening it, realized she was into White Zinfandel. (Sorry Mom! It’s close though!) And another neat touch was I opened up a bottle that is special. It was a gift to me from my realtor when I purchased my home. I was saving it for a special occasion.

This was the perfect time to open and start the bottle.


Cheers Mom to you today and everyday. Thank you for being my guiding light even when I forget you’re there.

Thank you for making me smile.

5 thoughts on “Birthday Celebration Time

  1. It was pretty amazing the way she found it! Ya just never know if that was heaven sent. A gift from above this leaf was truly like no other on the ground. It should remind us to always remember those special people who are no longer with us & not to forget about the people we really care about that our still here

  2. This made me tear up in such a happy way. I know those days, I celebrate my dad’s each year. That seemed like it was the PERFECT celebration and I have no doubt your mom was proud and enjoying it with you! Xoxo. You are such a special person!

  3. I love how you celebrate your mom on her birthday by doing all the special things you did together. I love that you added to your tradition this year as you would have had she been with you physically. I do believe she’s with you in spirit and maybe even pointing you to a heart-shaped leaf to remind you how much you’re loved!!! Beautiful story! Makes me wanna call my mom and remind her how lucky I am . Maybe I’ll just do that! 😉

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