Confessions from an Amateur Juicer

I somehow decided to do a four day juice cleanse which come already bottled for low maintenance. A coworker raved about how easy it was, how great he feels, and how much weight he has lost.

After another coworker and I decided to take the plunge, I was pumped up about it until a few days ago as it was approaching rapidly.

For me to give up food for four days is insane. I heart food (to the max!) and am attached to food in every way available. Food is my happy place. I get cranky after not eating for a few hours so I have been quite concerned about being irritable and grumpy. I absolutely hate that feeling and to put that on myself, why would I want to do that?

Well, I decided to push myself beyond another fear and to toughen my spirit more. Well, I decided to push myself beyond another fear and to toughen my spirit more. Tough Mudder was a start of something new in me. The start of taking on tough things.

Day one has arrived.

I work odd hours and going to Starbucks to start my day was a bummer without being able to get coffee. I got herbal hot tea. I rely on coffee everyday, but not today. Or tomorrow. Or the two days after.

I get to work and my coworker has all the boxed bottles. We realize they delivered the wrong cleanse that we had picked. Our first joke (not out of my mouth) was because it was not the right order, we should forgo and just order a pizza. I kid you not when I say I thought about it for a minute seriously.

The hunger pangs were starting up…pretty uncomfortable… and growling. And we had not even started yet.

But, bottle #1 was cheered and opened at 6pm.

Kale, apple, romaine, spinach, celery, cucumber, parsley, pineapple, ginger, lemon, and cayenne. It tasted like cucumber but had a strong finish of pineapple and cayenne.

6:45pm: Maybe not as hungry as I thought?

6:53pm: Scratch that. Why am I putting myself through this?

8:32pm: Good golly, I am dragging ass tired. My eyes are burning. Do those detox too?

10:29pm: Oh, there goes the stomach growling again…Did my body not store foods that I ate all the days of my life?

12:04am: In a computer training class. Boy, it’s hard to focus! and how dare a coworker sit two seats over from me eating cookies. Never did I know the crinkling of the cookie bag would make me cringe.

12:36am: Almost time for bottle #4… maybe I am not as hungry?

1:20am: Maybe I am okay?

4am: Bottle #5 and I feel alright. Headache maybe coming on but not as fatigued and while focus is still off, I feel alright. A little gassy, but nothing bad.

Does this mean that the hunger part is over? Or will it start all over when I wake up for work today for day #2 start?

All I know is I am determined to adopt a healthy lifestyle not the lifestyle I can fool myself is healthy. I can’t wait to eat a piece of chicken again. Even plain! Or a salad. Yum.

This has changed my perspective on food for sure.

Today had some serious up and downs. I hope the next three aren’t as roller coaster, but if this is the worst, I guess it isn’t horrible.

Thank goodness I purged carbs for the most part long before today.

While this does not seem normal to me, I am thinking I got through day #1 okay.

So, here is to Day #2! It is all a state of mind. I can do this.


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