Boston Strong = Message for All of Us

Today was the Boston Marathon, just 6 days after the bombing one year ago. It appeared to be a day of remarkable for everyone there and involved. The race director’s words: “We’re taking back our race today. We’re taking back the finish line…” No better words for what today was all about.

I hope today brought some peace and closure to those who need it.

I hate nothing more in life than evil.

While two evil brothers did a horrendous act of violence and terrorism on April 15, 2013, the humanity, spirit, resilience and kindness that has stemmed from this horrible day is a wonderful result.

It is strange how evil can bring out the good in good people.

I adore the humanity and kindness that I see when people come together to help and care for others in a time of tragedy, trauma or rebuilding.

I am not sure why terrible things need to happen to bring people, communities, cities, or a nation together but sometimes this seems to be a part of life. I wish people were better to others all the other times of the year but it is remarkable to see a nation come together in times of need.

Unfortunately, evil will continue to interrupt lives and our nation’s security in many ways.

We can all learn from Boston Strong and all the other hard times along the way: 9/11, hurricanes wiping out communities, other bombings, criminals hurting innocent people, injured veterans returning from war, earthquakes, and sadly the list could go on and on.

As human beings, we are as resilient and strong as we choose to be.

Incredibly, it is all a choice.

Emotional pain is so hard.

It hits people in waves and at different times and in different ways. Being emotionally healthy and learning how to get through or cope with tragedy, trauma and physical pain is all a choice. It is a choice in how one decides to view their problems and what outlook they choose to carry.

While lives will never change from what has happened, these fighters and winners who lost a lot one year ago in Boston has shown us that life’s hardships and the horrible things that touch our lives can make us stronger.

Bad things that happen can make us stronger.

I am inspired beyond belief to have heard stories this past week of some of the lives touched by Boston and I will remember the story they have taught me.

Loss, tragedy, grief, illness, sadness, and pain touch all our lives daily. It is in these lessons we can learn that we can overcome anything with the right mindset. We can all become stronger through life’s harshness.

So, on this Patriot Day and Boston Marathon day, I love the message these runners, supporters, police officers and first responders, and volunteer staff stood for. Their message was the exact definition of what a patriot is: a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.

Congratulations to everyone in Boston today and thank you for yet another life message that has changed my life by adding perspective watching those hurt or affected by overcoming and coming back only stronger. What heroes they are to us all.








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