Tonight I am reflective on how much I have changed and how much I have grown in the few short months of 2014. I cannot place how but I know I have.

I am in a place, right this moment, where I just feel light. I feel life has come together in a way it never has been before. I still cannot place it or describe it. I still do not know my purpose or know where I am headed, but I am liking this journey I am on. Maybe life is about the journey and not where we hope to be, plan to be, or want to be.

I am experiencing many new things and am being kind to myself this week. I am feeling like I may be able to conquer some long term goals I have never been able to successfully conquer. I think for the first time in a very long time, I have hope.

Hope feels light. It feels good. It feels healthy.

I am not sure where I am headed or what I should be working on, but I am just living in the moment as much as I can for the first time in my life. I now understand why they say to live in the moment. It’s a powerful place to be.

The feeling…indescribable.

And I hope it stays for a real long time.

2 thoughts on “Indescribable

  1. I hope it stays that way for a long time too!
    It’s all about living in the moment because the rest is behind you.

    • I actually have spent too much time worrying about the future but yes, the past has gone down in flames. Your brotherly support and advice helped me move through the hardest time in my life. Infinite thanks!

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