5 Things I Learned This Week

images-171) REAL EXCITEMENT  is such a fun feeling.  I am excited and inspired about my new book project and on a mission to think about it and work on it every day.  Okay, every other day if not every day. I am also excited for the writing conference coming up.  Days of nothing but learning about writing.

2) Sometimes we do CONTROL OUR DESTINY and our life’s path. I guess sometimes we must make decisions that are kind of against what we believe in but this time around is for my future’s well being.  While I think living life for today is a better plan, I can provide myself peace of mind for the future.  My new goal is to live my healthiest and best life yet, so I can be here to live the future I am planning for now.

3) I learned that RELATIONSHIPS may not always be as you hope them to be and that they are doing the best they can.  Their best may suck, but it is their best.  I guess it’s time to just accept it.

4) I am so grateful for KIND WORDS said to me this week.  It really is the best feeling when someone shows support, kindness, or interest in my life.

5) I may want to be a LIFE COACH when I retire.  Having a girlfriend introduce me to a life coaching workshop this week, I was amazed by how raw and optimistic these classes are.  Everyone can better themselves as a person.  I love growing with knowledge, strength, the ability to live fearlessly, and feeling self empowerment while truly living my journey.  Note: Not sugarcoated and to the root is so my style.

2 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned This Week

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    What a great uplifting post.  Tell me more about your book project.  

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