What Happens When Paths Cross


This afternoon, I had a neat revelation about friendship, what happens when paths cross, and how lives mesh when people meet.

I helped a girlfriend unpack her new apartment today.

She moved here at the end of Summer 2013 from North Carolina, moving in with family.  We met days after she arrived in California.  Our staple became Happy Hours and though several seasons gone, we still meet up.  We have shared conversation over wine, over beer, and always, over food.  While we always find things to talk about, I realized today, I would love to hear more.

Of course paths crossing is an automatic and daily part of life.  It is something we never really ever think about.  It just happens.

People meet all the time.  People become friends.  People find love.  People’s lives intertwine.  Lives change because of those people who cross our paths.

Does it happen for a reason?

Does timing affect who comes into our lives and stay?

Does somehow a greater force bring people to cross our paths?

Or is it just coincidence?

Or is it not coincidence at all, but fate?

Who will be the next person to cross my path and remain?

I unpacked boxes with her personal possessions realizing there was so much I did not know about her.  I saw prized possessions and mementos.  I found out she loves and collects butterfly memorabilia.  I put her DVD collection on the shelves seeing what kind of movies she likes.  I put her pots and pans in the kitchen cupboard thinking about all the meals she made for her daughter and family.  I unpacked a box of super cozy bedding for her bed.  Helping someone unpack, seeing their likes and styles, made me learn even more about my friend.

I was shocked to see she had an almost endless stack of cardboard boxes that read, “Books”, just like I had when I moved.  I think we both had more book boxes than any other set of boxes.  Could they reach floor to ceiling?  You betcha!

As I sat  on the floor, unpacking a sole box of books in the living room she requested be opened, I  wondered about her life before I knew her.  She has a story, just like I have a story.

As I looked at the titles of these books, I asked her about them.  I learned she is doing research and has been writing a non-fiction book for five years.

OMG, she’s a writer too, and never told me?  WTF.

I could not even remember how much we talked about my writing passion.

Does she know?

I just loved that we had our writing and love of books in common.  I was super excited and told myself this would be the first topic she needed to spill the beans about when we sat down for our next Happy Hour.

Unpacking, I realized we all have a story.  Our story.  We all come from somewhere.  We all move places.  We all have personal material belongings that are special.

I realized today that when people cross our path, they may stay in our lives. In just a single moment, a single day, those who become friends, sometimes stay with us.


It made me realize how several of my dear friends are not from decades back and have not been in my life long.  It is those friends who I text with, email with, socialize with, write with, or those I see at work who brighten my world.  They are a huge part of my daily existence and mean the world to me.

I am grateful for the ones who have stuck by me through thick and thin.

I am grateful for the day when their lives crossed my path.

And it made me wonder who will cross my path in the days and years to come.

2 thoughts on “What Happens When Paths Cross

  1. Funny you posted this. Was just talking to the ol’lady last night about how all my friends are from the last 10 or so years. And how I don’t have many. Every friend I’ve had from earlier in life jist kinda faded away. And while I don’t really care, it’s interesting to note how they have all left permanent marks on me. Good and bad. Even one actual scar. Haha

  2. I’m with Verm. I’ve got very few friends, imagine that?? And I rarely see or speak to any of the people I rolled with back in the day. I kind of miss some of them, but it seems like I rarely let me guard down and consequently have fewer friends. Oh I can make a room full of strangers hurt tier guts from laughing, but that’s not friendship. I’m glad to hear you have a great friend there. Have a great day buddy!

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