What Exactly is Vulnerability?

signYesterday a dear girlfriend and I (who are enrolled in the Brene Brown eCourse together!) got into the deepest texting marathon about life, vulnerability, secret sharing, and where this course journey is going to take us.

What exactly is vulnerability?

When two people think about vulnerability in different ways, does it change the meaning of the word?  Or how it affects them or holds them back?

Has vulnerability affected us in similar ways or different ways?

The definition of vulnerability includes, “capable of or susceptible to being wounded or hurt…” or “…open to assault…” Nothing positive about that word, huh? Kinda deceiving if you ask me and I bet almost everyone would think of vulnerability as getting hurt.

I think the word means so much more than its’ negative definitions.

I find it interesting that even though I have no problem talking or sharing my imperfections or secrets, vulnerability still has impeded my life and has still taken me down in some ways. I wear my heart on my sleeve and do not care who knows my business since I am about truth and vulnerability to me is about strength. Obviously, we as humans, worry about being judged by others or are afraid to appear weak or damaged or broken. I feel that sometimes even when I am open and vulnerable. Vulnerable does not always speak strength to me but the simple act of being it does.

My girlfriend has not been used to sharing the things closest to her heart and it is a tad bit scary to be committing such change into her life. I commend her for getting out there with her boxing gloves on to take on this fight.  She is a trooper and is going to knock down the vulnerable wall blocks in her life.

And I do know that being vulnerable allows us strength.  What an interesting concept when you really stop and think about something that comes across so negatively in definition or thought is actually healthy and good.


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