Wholehearted Living

I heart Brene Brown.

And Oprah for leading her into my life.

OprahI have enrolled in their eCourse that is starting on Monday. I truly think this is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

Brene and Oprah are going to teach me the true meaning of wholehearted living! Bless their hearts and their on-going dedication to teach remarkable life lessons to women everywhere. Oprah has taught me a thing or two that really has been life altering. I have no doubt this is going to be another one of my a-ha moments!

I am quite excited to be trying something new and to be working on myself in ways I never expected. I have always been one for self-growth. My whole adulthood I have been open to changing, growing, learning. I have in fact done just that. But there is always more room to grow and find a better me. Or maybe the best me?

It was not until the reflection period before New Year’s Eve that really made me realize there is a part of me that really wanted to make great change this year. I never looked at my making changes as needing to be a big thing.  It was just a small step, here or there, one day at a time.

But this time, I am challenging myself big.


This change is going to bring great change and it seems refreshing and inspiring and I am ready for taking on something this messy and so out of my comfort zone. Reading Brene’s book and doing some art journaling which is so out of my league is going to help me with completing a sketchbook with a letting go of perfectionism.

I do not feel the need for perfectionism most of the time, but when I am out of my comfort zone, it is there. Artwork is as foreign to me as the watercoloring I will be doing. This is the past would have kept me from signing up for this course.

This class is about the journey of opening up, becoming vulnerable and being comfortable with our imperfections. Really, who is comfortable with imperfections, right? (So, what a great thing this can only be!)

I am grateful that I do not think I have a bunch of imperfections. I try hard each day to be a good honest person, work hard, be kind, and live life with conscious gratitude to live the fullest life possible. But just because I do not have a bunch of imperfections, does not hide the fact that the imperfections I have are huge.

I am so ready to face them head on, open minded, and as vulnerable as I can be. I have held shame about some of these imperfections and I think it is finally time to rid myself of that pain or energy.

While I have no problem with being vulnerable and airing my reality, I have not taken that into my blogging for all the world to see. Maybe it is that time.

If I am going to call myself a writer, I want to write with my whole me, without hiding, as open as I can be, and as perfectly imperfect as I am.

For the next six weeks, I look forward to all the soul searching, self discovery, truth telling, and maybe I will find my purpose. I have a feeling I will be learning some things about myself I never knew.

Cheers to living wholeheartedly. Gosh, what an inspiring and incredible journey this is going to be!


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