I Said I Would Not Do This!

images-3I said I would not do this!

Why am I doing this to myself?

Setting New Year’s resolutions and making it the hardest most challenging thing I could ever ask of myself.

Geesh!  Happy New Year to me!

I still want to be healthier from the inside out since I am getting older and have had health issues and hurt body parts in 2013.  I noticed I did not bounce back like I used to. Therefore I have taken on the challenge to get my exercise and food in sync for the first time ever.

images-2I have worked out and been fit and gained significant muscle strength but was eating crappy. I lost weight on Weight Watchers and weighed my lowest weight ever but was not working out.

Many people do both and I am going to do it too. I want to live long and have minimal health problems. In my chosen profession, the average person lives to 57 years of age. That is NOT acceptable and I will live longer!

But first, I cannot think I am invincible anymore.

So, here I go.

January is the season of the stuck moment. It’s the time when, collectively, we want to fix what we think is wrong with us. I find it super weird that these are things we never start mid-year even though we can start bettering ourselves any day of the year.

Why does it take the end-of-year type of reflection and pondering to want to look at ourselves deeper and change the things we do not like about ourselves? Why do we see our being stuck moments more clear at the end-of-the-year all because of a date?

I was not going to put pressure on myself in making New Year’s resolutions but guess the challenge is here to stay.

I have my mindset on. But this time without the pressure.

And with mindset, I think the reason resolutions do not work for most people (statistics say only 8% succeed) is because we start from a place of weakness. The things we want to change are foreign to us, hard for us, and may seem unattainable. We never work on building a foundation to learn how to succeed, just jump in with full pressure to succeed.

I think without the pressure on ourselves to keep our new year’s resolution(s) and having our eye on the goal may be of help to complete the task at hand. I think the strength of believing in ourselves, combined with some determination, (without the pressure) we could just get unstuck.

I plan to create new habits.

I plan to do this even when it is hard.

I plan to plan ahead.

I plan to do what I have wanted my whole adult life and never have been able to do.

I plan to look back and say I knew I could do it. (I do not feel that yet!)

I am kind of glad the pressure of the New Year resolution came upon me. But minus the pressure to be hard on myself about working towards what I want.

Why am I doing this to myself?

Maybe, just maybe this will be the year I can finally make some change in this way that finally sticks, as I become unstuck.


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