To Date or Not to Date?

Unknown-4I kind of like being alone and not having to deal with any drama, trying to impress anyone, or giving up time to do what I enjoy doing now.

I do not even have to shave my legs if I do not want to!

It has become about me for the first time in my life and it is kind of nice.  I have always enjoyed taking care of others, but have learned what it means to take care of me and the importance of doing such.

Lonely moments, here and there?  Sure.  At times I think life should be more than just love, having a boyfriend and being part of a couple.  And then other times I think that is what life should be.  If I am alone forever, am I missing out on what life is truly about?

I pretty much have determined I am going to be alone.  I am just not a good dater.  I refuse to flirt.  I refuse to be anything but myself, which I am wondering if that may not be working for me.  Or rather, against me.

It has been almost a year since I have been in a relationship. This summer I did not make it past date #2 with someone I was smitten with.  Nothing like being on a summer dinner date in romantic Napa realizing it isn’t going to be…My angry defense is he was not the guy for me…he drives a Prius!  (Nothing wrong with Prius drivers, just not my typical man type…)

Dating…I kind of do miss that. What I miss, I am not sure.

I was peer pressured by my sister to get online and date again some months back.  I did not go on but I did find a Groupon that was way cheaper than their pricing.

I purchased the deal and now as it reaches it’s expiration date, I now have to use it.  I could waste the $15 but for some reason that bothers me more than getting back online.

Is that hope?  Is that me wanting hope?  Is that me having hope?

Or is that just so I can encounter funny and shocking situations that will be something to blog about? I wish I had blogged two years ago during my online dating debut!

Can I separate rejection and emotions this time around and use it as an experiment for writing about?  Just for fun, no pressure?

images-1Lord knows I have some ridiculous stories from the previous time I was on there and I could not believe some of them.

Can I top those?

As Chelsea Handler once said, “As far as relationships go, you never know what fate might put in your path.”

I guess I owe it to Chelsea (or myself?) to see what comes about.

Maybe a few good laughs, at the least.images-1

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