A Moment of Will = Monumental Willpower

Wow, what a difference a few days can make.

How in the world did I do this?

It feels like an outer body experience.

I never have willpower around food and somehow found the strength this week to locate some.  Where did it come from?

images-6images-5See, I love food.  I have always loved food.  Food is a happy thing.  It is my drug.  I may be making excuses when I say I am a food addict, but it feels good to even say it.  Food is a social thing.  Food is a comfort thing.  But I have never liked that I cannot control food and that it controls me.

So, back to this week…never in a million years did I think I was capable at work to be good and for me to be in control, for once.  I even allowed myself to eat an unhealthy meal last night and still found progress within myself for the week.  I think I even enjoyed it more.

I worked my 4-day work week and was surrounded for 48 solid hours by non-stop homemade baked goods including: pumpkin bread, fudge, chocolate chip cookies and an endless supply of Tootsie pops, thin mint melts and Heath bars.  I did not eat ONE. And do not feel deprived or like I missed out.  Okay, maybe a little, but not enough to care.

Everyone around me was eating junk all shift long and it was in my sight surrounding me for 12-hours each day.

I  cannot even believe that I had this moment of willpower and keep thinking I must be lying to myself and ate a bunch.  I know I did not though.

I focused on the foods I brought and made better choices eating out.  I even passed up a Five Guys burger and fries.  That is incredible.  Unheard of.  I stepped away when they ate their burgers.

So, what caused me to be able to have willpower and how do I make it stay?

I have never seen it before and do not recognize it even though I saw it for 4 days.

I do see progress already.  In 5 days, I lost 3 pounds.   I hate to think I need to look at numbers on a scale, but maybe seeing progress will make me stay on track?

When I can find myself having more control over my food intake, then I can start working on my gym habits.

In 4 short days, I did notice I enjoyed the foods I ate more when I treated myself this week.  I did notice I had more energy at times I usually do not.  I did notice I slept better and woke up in a better mood.  I did notice I can drink more water each day.

A moment of will turned into a monumental willpower moment for me.  A monumental moment for me.  HUGE.

I hope to be able to remain on this path of building a healthier life as well as  impressing myself with what I may be capable of.

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