Starting Over

images-4Change is a scary thing, huh?

I think change is a good thing but that does not mean I practice it all the time.

Habit and predictability are safe and comfortable.

Why would I not want to have safe and comfortable in my life?

I am realizing that a balance of habit and change is probably a good thing.

I have had issues with my other blog site since I signed up with them a year ago October.  Many a night when I wanted to do a new post, the site was down.

This past week, several problems have arisen with the site and I was fed up enough tonight to make my change.

Don’t mess with me and my blogging!

Here is my new blog and I welcome you to my new chapter in something I am seriously passionate about.

My old blog (when the site was running well) was easy and I knew how to maneuver around effortlessly.

I did not want to try a new site for fear I would be confused or unable to figure out how to make pages or write posts, but here I am and this site is recognizable and I will be just fine.

I may need some time to get it exactly as I love it, but starting over tonight has brought positive change to my world.

I look forward to my new blog and hope to figure out how to transfer at least some of my old posts over.

Change is a good thing.

What would you change today if you were not afraid?

NOTE: MY OLD BLOG CAN BE LOCATED AT: WWW.ESOTERICFOX.BLOG.COM – it has 100+ posts of my inner most thoughts and pure vulnerability. (As of 2014 – still moving posts over here…)

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