Dorothy was so right.

There is no place like home.

Do you feel like this at home?

I have felt this way in previous homes and feel this is my amazing cozy home.

The sound of the garage door opening when I pull the car in.

The smell of the house when I enter from the garage.

The calming plug-in in my bedroom creating its own aura of a place different from any other.

The candles I light to enjoy.

Home sweet home.

I love that I have created a place of serenity and security.

Life is so hectic and busy and home is an escape from everything out there.

It is so quiet inside even though I live in the middle of hustle and bustle.

I have been known to bend down and kiss the tile floor in my house for being so thankful for what I have.

I love that I live in a town that I define as the American Dream.

I love the beauty of this town.

I love the nice people I come across when I am out and about.

And I love being holed up in my home where I can just be. I can be quite a loner sometimes and I do not mind it.

There is still so much I need and want to do before the house is decorated and picture frames and artwork are no longer propped up waiting to find their home on a wall. I still need to set up the guest room. I still need to build my craft desk which is sitting in its cardboard box. I still need to research what it would take to turn the closet in the kitchen into a wine cellar.

Regardless of my house not being completed or having accent walls or being fully furnished, it feels perfect when I am home. There is never enough time being home.

When I am at work, I secretly have my red glittery shoes on clicking my feet together wishing to be home.

But time always passes by and home I come once again.

To all of you, may you find your home sweet home wherever that may be. Unknown-11

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  1. Interesting topic since I was just talking to an old friend that I haven’t ever felt attached to a home. I’ve moved so many times. 5 years is the longest I’ve stayes anywhere after leaving my parent’s house.

    But the general area where I live now feels like home. Not the house, but the mountain. There’s a certain stoplight I go through that gives me the “I’m home” feeling. Never had that before.

    I’ve heard ya talk about home before. I’m glad you have that. You deserve it. And the way you describe the feeling of returning reminds me of home.

  2. Verm: I can imagine when someone moves a-lot, they never get that home feeling. A friend told me she has moved over twenty times in her life growing up military and marrying military. I tried to imagine that feeling of knowing you will be moving, just a matter of when. I am so glad to hear you’re finally getting the sense of what “home” feels like. You deserve that too. I am happy you’re home sweet home today for an extra long weekend.

  3. Ha, it’s been close to 14 years and there’s still plenty I haven’t completed in my house, but yes it does certainly feel like home and I’d much rather be there. Maybe working where we do makes us appreciate home even more.

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