What Would We Do with More Time?


Do you remember your first alarm clock as a child? (I think mine was a Holly Hobbie one?) Remember how cool we thought they were now that we could read time and set our own clocks to be woken up in the morning?

I felt responsible and grown up setting my alarm clock each night. I set it at the edge of my nightstand before laying my head down on my matching Holly Hobbie sheets.

I wonder if back then I dreaded the sound and wished for more time when the alarm sounded in the morning? (There were no snooze buttons on those things, right?) I recall I never really was a morning person.

When we were younger, time was so very different from when we know as adults. Time has a different feel and is processed different. Lately, hearing what people are saying about time has me quite nervous.

It seems everyone is saying how busy they are. I notice their stress. I notice less time to get together.

This is a normal part of life, yes. And we say it all the time, yes. But for some reason, it seems worse than usual.

Here we are approaching the holidays at full speed (not real excited over here) and I am afraid if everyone seems so hurried and rushed and tired now, how are we all going to fend during the holidays?

The holidays are supposed to be about peace, calm, a time to reflect. But I hate that it usually is about the complete opposite with traffic, last minute preparations, family in town or traveling, and stress.

How can we quell the stress and focus on a more calmer existence when our worlds and work and lives are busy? And when time is getting away from us?

Time lately has been getting away from me too.

Luckily, I have figured out a way to minimize errands and my running around. I apparently used to create things to do and the to-do-list could never be done in the allotted time I had. But it does not mean I am getting everything done that I hoped to do each week.

I focus everyday on slowing down, paying attention to the small things, enjoying the beauty of nature, and being grateful. Not a day goes by that I am not grateful for my family and friends, my life, my health, my things, my life lessons.

I wish I had more time to enjoy these things. I wish I had more time to be with my family and friends. I wish I had more time to write. I wish I had more time to read. I wish I had more time to cook. I wish I had more time to wear high heels. I wish I could stop time sometimes.

What would we do with more time?

I think we should tell ourselves in times of frenzy, errands, kids’ schedules, work schedules, house cleaning, grocery shopping, that we need to slow down and stop for a moment.

We need to realize that we are sometimes capable of seeing the beauty of life even in the midst of ultimate busy.

I think errands and chores can be made fun. Turn the music up and dance while cleaning. Open the window and let your hair blow with some good tunes on the way to run errands.

Stop somewhere in the middle of those errands to have a yummy pumpkin latte or sit on a bench in the park and view the world going by. Or eat a cookie or sip yummy tea at your favorite cafe. Read a newspaper outside or by the fireplace. Put the cellphone in the other room or in your purse. Daydream. Stop thinking about everything for a moment.

Take 5 minutes to recharge and treat yourself. Find your calm and do it. We all have 5 or 10 minutes a day.

Look around and see the beauty of life. Plain just relax. Breathe.


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