I am Dog-gone Tired!


Tomorrow is Monday.

I am just as tired as I was when I started my days off.

I rested.

Aren’t I supposed to start a new work week refreshed?

Slept good.

How in the world am I so tired?

A couple friends this weekend were telling me how tired they have been lately.

Is it busy life making them tired?



The weather changing?

Here I am, 8pm Sunday evening… and all I can think about is getting into bed.

Does that mean I am getting old?

I am lucky I can climb in early and believe me, as soon as I am done blogging, you know where I will be! I am hooked on Parkland and cannot put it down so bed and reading sounds amazing tonight.

And 8pm a few weeks ago was still summer light, now it’s as dark as can be outside. Cozy!

I had a great day in the mountains visiting a few wineries and did a morning hike that kicked my butt. (Blog to follow with some awesome fall pictures.) I came home so exhausted that I could barely move or keep my eyes open. I took a long nap but still dragging. Maybe I am still recovering from my head mishap this past week? Or is this normal?

Guess some days are like that!

I look forward to waking up rested tomorrow to conquer the new work week and to count down until good weekend days ahead! And if not, I will get through the week tired and still be ready for my days off! Right mindset, right?

Off to bed now.

And to all of you, sweet dreams when you get there!

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