Train Your Mind


I have noticed that in the past few years somehow I have truly learned how to be positive in times I never would have been before.

I am positive and try to be funny (something I am still learning how to be, but every so often I find it the coolest thing to make someone laugh or make myself laugh) during a time where people would normally be cursing or grumpy or annoyed.

It is at times when life goes screwy, if we can think positive in any way, we are benefitted. I learned this and now truly believe in it. And I am super grateful this has become a part of me.

Through all the wrong in 2013, from still finding my identity after my divorce, to dating gone bad, to health scares, to my summer car adventure gone bad, I have learned to laugh through it all. I have somehow most of the time become someone I do not recognize.

I am calm and laid back in times that surprise me. I may be anxious inside but I am reacting differently. My sister has told me on numerous occasions in the past months that I am handling things great while being in the middle of a crap situation. It is nice that someone else was noticing my change.

I guess somehow 2013 being a weird year of not anticipated setbacks, I have learned to train my brain. And I just realized what the year has been about in life lessons for me.

Everything happens for a reason, but I was not sure what this year was about until I hurt my head this week.


Back up to the beginning of the work week: Just when I thought I have seen it all at work, I was proven wrong again. My week started with an encounter with a lady who was covered in iguana shit and she talked about how much she loved her iguana which became creepy. I thought my work week was memorable enough just hours in the first day seeing and smelling iguana gunk. May I add… I am proud of myself for not throwing up from the smell!

But again, something else happened making it an even more memorable work week.

Realizing I do have a job where I can get hurt at any time, I just never thought this would happen.

I hit my head and the bridge of my nose bruised and swelled. Then my eye shadowed like a black eye coming on. My nose was totally crooked. My coworkers walked by saying they thought my nose was broken.


I went to look in the mirror. Would my nose stay crooked?!#!? Was I going to wake up with two black eyes the next day?

Well, long story short, I ended up in the ER (worker’s comp, thankfully) for a CT scan and realized I have post concussive symptoms of a concussion. Thankfully no broken bones in my nose and no brain damage/concussion, but boy was it weird working through blurry vision, headaches, and a bruised nose.

But I pushed through, laughed and kept going.

This is the job I signed up for. My commute partner hurt his back at work during a fight a few days earlier… so between the two of us, we were a mess!

I was in pain and extra tired and probably should have been resting, but I put work first. And maybe it was because of the news I learned that week that made me want to continue to be tough and just persevere through anything.

Ironically, one day before hurting my head, I found out Alzheimer’s runs in my family. My father is dealing with what I believe may be the start of this disease which scares the bejeezers out of me.

I still somehow did not freak out as I once would have but instead just realized how lucky I am for my health. I decided once I am healed and healthy again, new plans for me.

This has made me want to focus on brain health and start to seriously find a way to stick with exercise. It is so important for my future.

I have cancer, heart disease and now brain disease in my family. I must tackle the task of taking care of myself better.

I do not know how because it is the hardest thing for me to be consistent with, but I want to. Really want to.

I have been making jokes and do look forward to the day when my eyes are normal and I can focus without trying. And I am not used to having headaches every day. I rarely get them so that will be nice.

I have a massage tomorrow for getting rid of the neck pain.

If the headaches are not gone by Tuesday at my follow-up appointment, I will be going on a neurological medication to help. I thought these symptoms would be gone by now, but still are present. It can take up to 5 weeks to be back to normal.

I should be like new soon. I look forward to that.

I somehow have been thinking how weird and comical my week has been with iguana loving woman and bumping my head. Life is comical in the weirdest of ways.

So, training the brain to just accept whatever happens and deal with it, helps. We do not have to always like what is happening, but there is no control in what happens in life.

Just accepting it as best as we can and finding the positive out of things, that is the way to go.

(PS: The iguana story really had nothing to do with this post, but I could NOT leave it out! It was so bizarre and a part of my week!)


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