When is Enough Enough?


Two close girlfriends.

One, here at the end of the month where her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend is moving out, but she is sad over the breakup and afraid of loneliness. The other, trying to come to full acceptance that the man she has loved for the past decade is not going to come around and commit.

In life with heartbreak, where do you find the strength to move on and not wait for the could’ve been? At what point do you give up hope?

When is enough enough?

After realizing too much time has gone by for both these amazing women, they both know they cannot stay in the relationships where they are at. Waiting for change, waiting for a sign that life with their men can be different… but this has not happened…and they both know regardless of what their hearts are saying, it is time to move on.

While they are strong enough to know what they want and what they deserve, why does the heart hold on so strongly even when it is time to let certain people go from your life?

I am still recovering from my broken heart from a couple months ago. Why is my heart not fully over my hoping could’ve been? I can say that it is no longer even about him… just the grief of the could’ve been. The fairy tale shattered of how wonderfully he and that life would have fit into my own.

For both my girlfriends, starting over is hard. Many people stay in their not-so-good relationships to avoid the being alone, starting over, having to date stinkiness. Is holding on to avoid the starting over?

Another brilliant Mandy Hale quote says, “You will have to evolve past certain people. Let yourself.”

The question is how do you let yourself when your heart is resistant to it? And one cannot help how they feel. Or can they?

Even when you do not want to have someone in your life go away, you must do it. Let go. Start over. Move on. Maybe the only way is to just be determined to just do it.

In this world, there is no force equal to the strength of a determined woman.

Once deciding the time has come, your past is your past.

Your past is just a story. And once you realize this, it has no power over you.

It is with that that you can let go, start over and move on.

Accepting the sadness, pain and loneliness is the thing to do. All of these things are temporary. The strongest people are the ones who feel it, understand it and accept it.

I know with my heart that my awesome girlfriends will conquer and move forth to find the men they deserve and will be happier with. Maybe in the end their fairy tales will not have been shattered, but instead their happily-ever-after.

And maybe some day I will find mine too.the-end-6

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