Waiting to be Rescused VS Rescuing Myself


I heart Mandy Hale. (That is her above. She is… Bold. Tough. Fierce. Brave. And the new voice for single women. Take note: the frog! Thank goodness I have not seen any frogs since moving from my apartment in 2012! Creepiest things ever! Hehe!)

She has brought much peace to my life lately with her book, The Single Woman, with her easy read full of inspirational quotes and allowing the single woman to not feel alone in this world. This life of ours defines completeness and the American Dream to be about family and being in a relationship and finding true love.

Mandy allows us single women to be okay with who we are and where we are standing when we do not have those things.

I am super grateful for my sweet girlfriend who handed me this little pink book. She bought it for herself but handed it to me with her dog-eared page at page 21. She must have realized how profound this book would be for me. Light, positive, inspirational, fun.

One of Mandy’s quotes says, “The only thing we single ladies need to be rescued from is the notion that we need to be rescued.” This made me think.

When the pressure is taken off, realizing that it is okay to be single, I can relax on worrying if I will ever find love. I never viewed love as being rescued but in a way, I guess that is what I have been hoping for.

I am hoping for the man of my dreams to show up on my doorstep and change my life, bringing me things I cannot have on my own. I am looking for a man to fall head over heels with me and think I am the greatest thing since sliced bread. I am waiting for a man to tell me he cannot live with me. I am looking for a man to challenge me and to share his life, dreams and family with me.

I do not think there is anything wrong with these things, but I must live my life now, and if it means living it alone, so be it.

When you feel like life has to include a partner, you’re sitting around waiting for something that isn’t happening. Looking, searching, not being whole. Waiting for your heart to be rescued.

As I am working on myself, I realize now that I am worthy of love and that I am a good person. I do not always feel this even though in my head I know it.

I am realizing that when I can see that there is nothing broken about me, it will be then that I can truly realize how being single has nothing to do with my worth. I am hoping at that time that this is when I can feel that my life can be complete. And it is then, that I know I will have rescued myself.images-51

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