Perfect Monday Witnessed

I can tell you that I have NEVER used the word perfect and Monday in the same sentence. Mondays are not the best day of the week and are never associated with perfect, but I am lucky to say I have witnessed the true meaning of a PERFECT MONDAY.images-19

I started my days off.

Slept better for the first time in days because of a cold or allergies.

Went to the gym for the first time in over 8 weeks.

Completed a four month process with the return/buy back of my lemon car.

An incredible dinner with my dearest friends who are family to me to celebrate, with a cocktail, under an almost full moon with the most calm evening air ever. I sensed the calm like I had not all year.

What a day. I am super grateful for a day of productiveness, being home and getting past a weird interesting few months. The car meant more than just a set of wheels or a piece of metal. My cars have always been something so much more.

The purchase of this car in May was going to be a part of an adventurous summer and a new time for me. It came along with promise, a new future and some long term dreams come true. That all faded but I still had my new used car. But within four days of owning it, it was in the shop for serious problems. Downhill the car went. Fast forward four months= almost $20,000.00 in repairs (yes, covered by warranty) and my demands for the car to be taken back by the company where I purchased it.

It was a several week process and I could not get rid of it fast enough. I came to hate the car and all it promised at the beginning of summer. Now with summer closing and the car no longer mine, a fresh start revealed.

And here I am… an empty garage, on foot for the next few days and happy as can be.


So, with all this, I sure learned a few life lessons:

1) Sometimes sitting back and allowing the process to play out works. Being patient and accepting the things that are out of our control is an important lesson I learned.

2) I learned the importance of being adventurous, just not with big purchases, even though there would have been no knowing how sick this car was regardless of how much time I put into the thought process to buy it. The car started a trend of spontaneity and adventure in me. I like the balance now of the old me and the new me.

3) Every so often right prevails. They said they wanted to do the right thing and they did. Whoa, so nice and refreshing to see right done. More people and companies should be that way.

4) White is no longer my favorite color.

5) The heart can feel refreshed, lighter and ready for a new ride through life.

Let’s ride!

(Just realized even missing most of the Monday Night Football game, I can still deem the day perfect. That says a lot! And I am wishing you all the most perfect Mondays!)


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