Finding Your Fabulous


I have made a revelation this weekend that there is a difference between being a single woman and being alone.

It dawned on me that I have always defined a complete life as having a partner and children.

I feel I have done some great work within myself since my divorce and am a decent person. I just have not been able to find my complete since years have gone by, dating is way harder than expected, and here I am still alone. I have accepted I am fine on my own but was searching for that completeness.

So, at this moment, I now realize I need to retrain my thinking so that I can think of my life as not being incomplete.

I am tired of feeling like the next step should or must be about finding someone.

It is causing me to think of the negativity about being alone. I want to focus on all the positives and good in my life. And being alone is not so bad. I love the life I have created.

But it is scaring me that I may never meet someone but am super tired of thinking it’s me, that there is something wrong with me.

Instead I know my lifestyle does not allow me to meet people and dating in your late 30s is nothing like dating in your early 20s.

I want to find ways to focus on finding my strengths, working on my writing more, and taking better care of my health.

I have wasted too much energy and time over the past two weeks. I need to just accept -fully accept – I may never find my soulmate or become a mother.

But I can still find my fabulous…

And be complete.

I refuse to live life feeling incomplete.

I am choosing to live life as finding my complete.

What is your fabulous and what makes you feel complete?images-12

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