Hello September


Wow, as we all say, where did the year go?

Actually 2012 does seem a long time ago now, but it is incredible to think we just approached September. I cannot believe Summer is almost done.

Even though it is 100 degrees here today, I know Autumn is right around the corner. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are already out at Starbucks! I am waiting for a cooler day to get one. Got to experience my first one on a true fall day.

Labor Day Monday was amazing here. I was awakened at 4:20 in the morning with the sound of rain falling outside my bedroom window. The rain gutters were making noise. Thunder off in the distance throughout the morning. It was random and I so invited the change.

I think I am ready for Fall. I always think I do not want Summer to end but I am ready, I think?



Going for walks in anything less than 90-100 degree weather.

A sweatshirt.


Less sweating.

Darker evenings.

Autumn sounds super cozy to me today.

The sky is blue and clear and the sun is back out.

But it will be here before we know it.

What is your favorite season and the things that come along with it?

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