Are Limitations Real?


I have been doing some thinking lately about goals and dreams. I realized that the power of one’s dreams can be endless when they apply themselves. I think overthinking things makes dreams and goals seem out of reach.

I was watching the news the other night and they did a segment on a man who is a pro tennis player. He has a prosthetic leg and his arms and hands are deformed. He perfected what worked for him to play tennis and has been competing.

This man said what holds people back are self-imposed limitations and he never allowed himself to do that. He said often times we create imagined things that hold us back. Since they are not real and real handicaps can be overcome, the possibilities are endless.

This I should know.

I thought this message was powerful in every day life. It speaks volumes on what we are capable of. I realized that I overthink everything so much that it possibly affects my performance and maybe my self-confidence sometimes. I am going to try and not think about things and just perform. The pressure off from thinking may allow me to be limitless.    (Quote in picture she’s holding up says: “I love it when I push myself beyond the limits that my mind believed existed.”)Unknown-33

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