Perfectly Imperfect Girl


I like that. It takes the pressure off of mistakes and letdowns.

It is okay to be perfectly imperfect.

I hate to admit this but my last few days have been consumed with thoughts about the things I have failed at in my life. I usually am able to be positive and keep those thoughts at bay, but because of one event gone askew, I now have a mental list of things that have been dug up from the past.

I thought I worked through some of the things I am feeling. I will always be a work in progress and even though I know this, I am a bit surprised by my overwhelmed sense of failure this week. I have handled it well, I think, just letting it ride out and not ruining an extended set of days off. I am just super annoyed I feel setback.

That’s normal though, right?

That is what life is about. I know this.

I am open always about how I feel and will share with anyone who asks, but to put myself out here like this is uncomfortable. I do not want to be judged as a negative person or a messed up person. I just want to be seen as raw, perfectly imperfect and flawed just like everyone else.

Yes, that’s what I am. I am not a failure.


It took me reading two blogs I subscribe to this morning to be able to face the truth on here; these two ladies are honest about their struggles this day and so can I.

When I read their blogs from my email inbox this morning, I instantly admired how they write candidly. They gave me the courage to put myself out there again as just who I am. I am going to work through my thoughts the same way they did.

So, how do I now work through the few events in my life that I am apparently labeling myself as a failure? How do I be less hard on myself and just forgive myself? And move forward not feeling the repercussions of how life has played out?

So, to do with thoughts of failure, I must stop being so hard and mean to myself. No one else is. It is all a part of life. I must move forth knowing imperfect things are going to happen. I know better to let the past control my today.

My goal for today will be to let go. Just simply let go.

How weird. I put my big girl panties on and just by typing this out, I think I feel better in this moment.Unknown-31

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