Good Morning on this glorious Tuesday.

I am sort of stuck in neutral and trying to get stuff accomplished but I am moving a tad bit slow. I guess it is all okay. It will all get done.

I have learned once again this weekend that preconceived ideas of how things are going to turn out usually do not happen as we expect. I am a bit surprised that the weekend’s goal backfired but I understand this is all about this…

…journey called life.

I do not know if everything happens for a reason or if I just took on that mindset to better cope when things turn to crap. It works in the healing and moving forward so I will continue to say this, but I am questioning the way life unfolds today.

Just when I think I may be on track to the next big thing, things change.

It’s not a bad change just change back to before.

Just trying to figure it all out. In the meantime, I am going to be a homebody today and do things around the house I have been meaning to do for days, weeks, months! Productive me today. And I am going to go for a walk in the amazing sun.

Woooooo hooooooo!

What are you doing today on your journey called life?

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